Problems= latest MS update.

  Cymro. 15:24 18 Dec 2007

On today's home page of this forum click here

click here

There is mention of problems with this update so as I am one who is having such problems should I delete the offending updats or just wait for MS to get round to sorting it out?

  anskyber 15:32 18 Dec 2007

My wife had a similar problem, sort of. I set both our machines to download and inform rather than auto install.

The reason is I like to be around during the install when consents are called for by ZoneAlarm. I found that rebooting her XP machine (with no internet access available at the time) led to yet more requests for IE7 to get access which I granted and all was well.

An uninstall and reinstall may just do it for you.

  birdface 16:16 18 Dec 2007

If you only delete the one that it says.Then reboot the computer and see if everything is ok.You can always download it again Manually.If your computer works Ok.You know that was the problem.Then just a matter of waiting for a fix for it.before you download it again.

  birdface 16:19 18 Dec 2007

Remember it is only the up-date that you remove.

  Cymro. 18:07 18 Dec 2007

I have tried your solution but no joy.

I can`t seem to find the offending update in Add-Remove Programs. In fact I can find very few updates in Add-Remove. As they come through regularly as automatic updates I wonder where do I find them to delete?

My update history says I had several updates on the 12th. of this month but perhaps that is because my computer was switched off on the 11th. when the troublesome MS07-069 is suppose to have come through

I am all for deleting the bad update but can`t seem to find it and am now wondering if I have ever downloaded it.

The problems I am experiencing are exactly the same as those described in the article on the PCA home page. So I assumed that I had downloaded the bad update.

  bluto1 18:41 18 Dec 2007

Just to check, have you ticked 'Show all updates' in Add/Remove?

  bluto1 19:30 18 Dec 2007

MS07-069 is KB942615.

  Cymro. 09:08 19 Dec 2007

Brilliant bluto I am now getting somewhere.
I had never noticed the show updates tick in Add/Remove, tells you how little I know about these things.

I have now located the KB942615 update and may well remove it to see if it solves my problem. I will hang on for a day or so just in case MS or someone else comes up with an alternative answer.

Why on Earth does the PCA page call the update MS07-069 when on Add/Remove it is down as KB942615? These things are complicated enough as it is for someone like myself. Come to that matter how did you bluto1 know that MS07-069 is in fact KV942615?

  birdface 09:14 19 Dec 2007

I think the problem with it was when it was downloaded it was supposed to reboot the computer for it to work properly but never quite finished the download.So once that you remove it, it should be safe to install it again manually.

  Cymro. 09:30 19 Dec 2007

"So once that you remove it, it should be safe to install it again manually".

You say "should be safe"
Decisions, decisions, always decisions.
As we leave on Friday to go away for at least a week over Christmas I will leave it till the new year. Hope to be able to tick resolve then.
Thanks to all etc.

  birdface 10:20 19 Dec 2007

Yes good thinking.I did read that from one of the Microsoft personnel replying to the problem that you have.And that was what he said happened.It's only an up-date and should be safe to remove .but if in doubt.Wait until they provide a fix for it.You could use FireFox or any other Browser while waiting.And enjoy your week away.

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