Problems with ip address

  patsyanne 14:47 01 Oct 2005

i seem to be having problems with my ip address, i keep getting up that message that says windows has to close and send error report and i look to see what the error is and its my ip address,last week i tried to copy a cd and it wouldnt do that either cause of my ip address .I am on Aol 9 windows xp pro , i have gone into network connections and clicked on repair but its says it cant repair it and get in touch with Aol but i already been in touch with them this week and twice in a week is too much . thanks

  Diemmess 15:02 01 Oct 2005

I have no claim to be able to sort it for you, only suggestions. First a question....
Have you been trying any other ISP recently? If so, now seems the best time to get rid of its traces.

Have a look in Control Panel > Internet options > General. At the top it should show under Home Page
click here
If it doesn't, then pop those magic words in for a start.

  Diemmess 15:05 01 Oct 2005

Sorry, rather than "click here" try typing http //:www- aol-com with . instead of - and no spaces

  Diemmess 15:12 01 Oct 2005

Another possible approach is to load Aol and at the sign on screen, pick Sign On Options and then Add Location.

Give this a name like Home, and let it run. It should "discover" your DSL modem and connect nicely for you.

  patsyanne 15:13 01 Oct 2005

Diemmess so on the home page in internet options -general i put in click here ? cause it got in ti msn ! oh and no i havnt tried any other isp been looking though as getting fed up with Aol and tiscalli looks good but i am still under a contract with Aol.Thanks

  patsyanne 15:15 01 Oct 2005

Yep i tried that as well changing the name and then the phone numbers it connects to but that was yesterday and its still the same but i put Aol in my home page now i see if thats any better .cheers

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