Problems with internet using wireless connection.

  jmorton 07:08 04 Jan 2009

I just purchased a Toshiba laptop and while using the wireless connection I find myself constantly refreshing pages. At first attempt it will take a long time to load a page or not at all, I refresh the page and it brings it right up. I have also noticed it as a real "crap shoot" while attempting to log into secured sights.

If I hook the ethernet cable into the laptop directly all problems go away. What would cause this? And can i correct this?

Thank you in advance for any help!

  oldbeefer2 09:55 04 Jan 2009

What strength of connection is showing and how far away is the router? Do you have the same problem if the laptop is next to the router? Have you tried re-orientating the router aerial (vertical if the laptop is on same floor - horizontal if it's above/below)?

  mocha 14:11 04 Jan 2009

Hi jmorton,

As oldbeefer2 say's it can depend on location, you can also try changing channels on your router, if there is a lot of wireless traffic in your area your laptop could be picking this up, most channels are set to 6. Try changing to 11 and see if this helps.

Open up your routers setting page and you will see a menu that mentions channels, click on menu and you should see your channel settings. Change this to 11 then leave the routers setting page, turn off your computer and restart. Your computer should automatically detect the new channel. See if this helps.

Most routers have channel setting between 1 and 11 you can try any one of these numbers to see if it help, (reason why 11 or 1 is that they dont have overlapping channels.)

  jmorton 04:41 05 Jan 2009

Hey guys thanx for your response. I have a pretty strong signal, and it does not matter whether Im in the next room or right beside the router. Please excuse my lack of knowledge but Im not sure how to change the "channel"? Im using a "belkin54g" router and my laptop uses Vista.

Im not finding a "routers setting page", although Ive opened up a bunch of other stuff pertaining to network/internet connections but I did not see anything that would allow me to change a channel.

Not much in the way of a lot of wireless activity,,small town here:).

  oldbeefer2 08:09 05 Jan 2009

See if there's anything click here to help.

  mocha 21:18 05 Jan 2009

Hi jmorton,

I think your router address is, type this into your browser address bar, Nothing else. You should then be in your settings page. I think your menus are down lefthand side, look for a menu mentioning Channel. You may need to log in to see these settings, if you have not set a password then leave blank and click submit.

  mocha 21:24 05 Jan 2009

Hi jmorton,

You could also check the Toshiba website for the latest drivers/Software for your WiFi

  BRYNIT 23:24 05 Jan 2009

Is your Belkin router compatible with Windows Vista click here It may just need a software update.

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