Problems with Internet Explorer 7

  goforit 22:29 01 Mar 2009

This evening I opened an email on my college Outlook webmail supposedly from my college boss with a believable subject from my PC.

By the way, I am posting this from my laptop.

The message suggested I visit a website which included the college web address. Stupidly I typed in the url with the result the IE7 started opening up with a foul image and kept opening multiple windows. I managed to stop it using Ctrl Alt Delete. But the damage has been done and now IE is not working properly.

I initiated a scan using a program called malwarebytes antimalware. I also have the following on my PC.

Windows Defender; Nod32/Eset antispy, virus etc;

Help, what should I do? My current scan has not brought up anything. I do not know if it is only Internet Explorer that has been affected or if anything else might have been.

I have Office 2003 and 2007 on my PC. Will an unistall solve the problem?


  rdave13 22:38 01 Mar 2009

Run mallwarebytes and other security programs in safemode. click here

  rdave13 22:40 01 Mar 2009

PS some computers need F5 to be tapped to gain safe mode.

  User-1229748 22:43 01 Mar 2009

you could also try superantispyware in safe mode or a reset of ie7 by going tools-internet options-advanced-reset superantispyware click here

  brundle 22:50 01 Mar 2009

"now IE is not working properly." - can you be more specific? click here

  rdave13 22:51 01 Mar 2009

I disagree to reset IE7 while obviously got a bug. Agree to SAS and Malwarebytes and run in safe mode. Rebooting and see how things go. Last thing goforit wants is a corrupted IE7.

  goforit 23:24 01 Mar 2009

I have just responded to this (from my laptop) and don't know why it is not appearing!

So here we go again.

When I unwisely visited this suggested website from my PC, it made IE open up repeated windows all showing this foul image and when I tried to close the windows, a cheeky notice suggested it was only a bit of fun! I had to do Ctrl Alt Delete to close.

Now when I try IE, e.g. typing something into the Google search bar on my home page or trying to enter a new url, it opens up a new tab.

I am not a techie in spite of teaching some IT, so am a little fearful of what to do in Safe Mode. Will I have access to the Start Menu? How do I initiate scans?


  goforit 23:36 01 Mar 2009

I have printed instructions on how to get into Safe Mode from rdave13's link.

The malwarebytes scan came up with nothing.

I just opened Outlook (2007) to check my messages and a notice suggested I was holding down the Control key and did I want to open in Safe Mode?

This is all very worrying. I really appreciate all your help.


  goforit 07:38 02 Mar 2009

This morning IE7 is working perfectly without any of the behaviour I described above. The malwarebytes scan was clean.

I'm flummoxed. I think I will do a NOD32 scan when I get back from work. Anything else I can or should do? If I installed the superantispyware prog. would that help against this type of thing?

Your support rdave, smackheadz and brundle is appreciated. It gave me a nasty fright.


  User-1229748 08:57 02 Mar 2009

superantispyware along with malwarebytes are good programs for removing infections,if you should want a program to stop spyware before it gets on your pc then spywareblaster is useful.this post from skidzy will explain far better than i can and also has a link for spywareblaster click here

  ened 09:13 02 Mar 2009

I'm glad you appear to be sorted.

I would suggest that as a final safeguard you do a System Restore back to a time before you started this.

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