Problems Installing xp

  xoc 18:16 13 Oct 2006

Problems Installing xp


I have a Gateway P5-166 mmx which was giving trouble with Win98 se, so I decided to try win xp pro using the 6 floppies system and the CD.
Everything appeared to be going fine until, during the windows install, up popped the panel for customising the Regional and Language settings, but I cannot move the cursor arrow with the mouse! and I have three lights flashing on my keyboard!
I tried changing the plugs around but this makes no difference, and they are correctly connected at present.
The keyboard was functioning ok at the start as I used the up and down arrows and enter key to select the format functions etc.
Has anyone any thoughts on what could be wrong?

  STREETWORK 18:33 13 Oct 2006

Wow, win xp running on an mmx system P166 processor, if you get this running it will be a miricle. How much memory do you have and hard disk space?

  Diodorus Siculus 18:34 13 Oct 2006

Do you mean that this is a pentium running at 166mhz? If so, I'm surprised you got anywhere installing XP.

  xoc 12:08 15 Oct 2006

Thanks to all!
I've tried to do a clean install of 98, but fdisk shows that my c drive has only 504Mb capacity!! when it is a 6Gb drive.
Any thoughts on where the extra has gone?? and how to recover it???
Have tried removing partitions and formatting but still end up with only 504Mb?

  malgall 12:19 15 Oct 2006

is this the first clean install of 98 because
i know hard drive limits that a system can see
i have a 160gb drive and had to run software in windows so it could see all drive and another computer i had the bios can not see hard drives
above 32gb

  Totally-braindead 12:23 15 Oct 2006

I presume you've just used the format command. Because you've tried installing XP I presume some NTFS partitions have been created use FDISK to delete all partitions and then reformat click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:25 15 Oct 2006

Boot to BIOS and check the drives settings.

Set to LBA if necessary. The heads and cyls shoul be marked on the drive set the BIOS manualy if auto detec will not work.

  malgall 12:27 15 Oct 2006

try this page from microsoft about problems with 95 and 98 and 504mb


  malgall 12:28 15 Oct 2006


click here

  xoc 18:27 15 Oct 2006

Thanks , I've run the Maxtor diagnostic as my drive is a maxtor and have done a full wipe of the drive, which incidentally passed all tests, Well I then tried Partition Magic and finally managed to Format just the one drive, which is still only 504Mb, but on which I have managed to load win98, taking all of 2 hours to do so! BUT now, having reached the stage where a window comes up requesting User Info, I cannot either enter details or move the cursor as both the keyboard and the mouse have locked up!!! so am back to square one!! Any thoughts on how to progress???????

  xoc 18:04 20 Oct 2006

Thanks to all.
I finally managed to sort out my drives using MaxBlast 4, Partition Magic and EZ Drive and now have win98se installed on my first drive of 40GB and have the second at 60GB reserved for storage.

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