problems installing spybot 1.3 over 1.2

  end 20:31 02 Aug 2004

runnign windows 98SE, IE6
have already got spybot 1.2 here and am attempting to put 1.3 "over the top" far , in my attempts to do this I ahve had a screan asking me to choose"do I want main files, icon for starting ..., skin to change appearance"
, I was asked on the next screan" to enable internet explorer protection " amongst other things ; has anyone on Win 98se done this conversion and what did they "agree to"??I would have thought that it should be easier than this and that when I get to finally open and run the program (if ever) I can then choose my own options for myself. if not, then I will abandon the thing as I want to be able to chose my own options and not have a program dictate to me what IT wants on my machine......nor do I want another "mess-up" on my system that has only recently undergone a complete overhaul followign a major disaster wiping off half the memory.....

thanks in antcipation of "guidance"......

  GaT7 20:39 02 Aug 2004

Try uninstalling v1.2 & then doing a fresh install of v1.3. Good luck, G

  Dan the Confused 20:39 02 Aug 2004

Say yes to everything for now. You can always change it later. Alternatively, you could say no to everything ;)

  GaT7 20:41 02 Aug 2004

Sorry, misread your post. Do as Dan the Confused suggests. G

  johnnyrocker 20:46 02 Aug 2004

you can configure/recover any changes you wish to after each scan so it should not really be a prob used it for ages without grief.


  end 20:54 02 Aug 2004

so ??does it not particularly matter what "dots" I "tick" on the "way in" to get it on the machine?? IS it "reconfigurable" once it is on there??and I dont want it giving me a "firewall " type thing as I have my own "system " on here for that......and is win 98se diferent for installing this that XP??...just dont want to "botch this up"!!!(and , if it goes wrong,,,who can I umm...moan at??)

  Dan the Confused 21:02 02 Aug 2004

I have Win98 and installed over the top of 1.2 with no probs. I said yes to everything too.

  end 21:11 02 Aug 2004

??did you get all those boxes and questions that i seem to b getting??

  Dan the Confused 21:16 02 Aug 2004

Yes, everyone does. It's part of the installation process. Once completed, you won't be asked them again but can still makes changes later via it's options if you wish.

  VoG II 22:08 02 Aug 2004

Do NOT go for "enable internet explorer protection" - you do not need this and it will prevent you from changing your IE settings. You only need this if you are on a corporate network (you are not).

  end 22:17 02 Aug 2004

will probably retry the process again tomorrow...for the about 4th attempt.... and see what other "challenges" I meet on the "way in" they say " watch this space"....

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