Problems installing SP4 on W2K server

  recap 16:31 08 Jan 2004

Hi all,

I am attempting to install service pack 4 on the above, the installation gets so far and then stops telling me "unable to connect to Metabase".

Anybody any ideas as to how I can resolve this?

  wawadave 17:36 08 Jan 2004

try installing from safe mode.
try a diferant copy of the service pack.

  spikeychris 17:41 08 Jan 2004

Afternoon recap, you have to stop as many services as you can when you get that error and disable the Antivirus prog.

Stop IISadmin and W3SVC, Stop ANY and ALL services related to IIS. If possible, stop all other non-essential Services too.

Install SP4 in Safe Mode if allelse fails.


  recap 08:27 09 Jan 2004

Thanks for your replies guys. Sorry I couldn't get back to you yesterday, my Director delegated.

  recap 11:55 09 Jan 2004

Still have problems. Tried installing in safe mode and get the following error: "setup failed to remove ism.dll script mapping"

Have SP3 installed think I'll leave it at that, unless there is a fix for the above error?

I have looked on MS Technet site couldn't find anything.

  spikeychris 12:13 09 Jan 2004

recap have you disabled the
IIS admin service and WWW publishing service from my 17:41 post? it really seems to work.


  recap 12:19 09 Jan 2004

Thought I had but only stopped them, now have disabled and it has installed. Thanks Chris.

Pressures of work and all that (well that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it LOL).

  recap 09:48 12 Jan 2004

Have resolved this now. I had to do a restore in the end. After diabling some services on trying to re-enable it would not let me, everything was grey out. Why? no idea. Tried suggestion from spikeychris [services.mcs] even tried a command prompt nothing. So like I said backup tape time.

thanks all for your suggestions.

  spikeychris 10:41 12 Jan 2004

recap, servers mmmmmm they can be little tinkers cant they!

Glad your sorted mate.


  recap 10:49 12 Jan 2004

that's an understatement Chris.

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