Problems installing memory

  loose85 17:26 05 Mar 2003

I have an AMD duron 700 processor with 160mb RAM (SDRAM PC133) running on win 98SE. After some consideration I decided to purchase more RAM, so bought 128mb SDRAM PC133 to install. My manual says that each socket (3 of) will accept upto 256mb each. However, it wouldn't accept my 128mb, and came up with a blank screen almost immediatly. After switching around trying to figure out why it wouldn't, I tried the memory in my sisters machine, a Celeron 500, also with PC133 RAM. Her machine loved it, but mine hated it, why is this?
My aim is to maximise the speed of my machine, does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can do this, and why I can't get the 128 to work?
I have a suspicion it could be the BIOS needing an upgrade, but I'm not sure I want to delv into such measures unless there are no other options.
Thank you in anticpation

  matt5705 17:31 05 Mar 2003

is heres newer if is upgrade as many files as possible as possible yeah and your bios may need it and compare to the last different even to the last detail even open the machiens

  Djohn 17:33 05 Mar 2003

Have you tried removing your existing ram altogether, and trying the new 128 stick of memory on it's own?

  ©®@$ђ 17:37 05 Mar 2003

yeah could be that the memory doesnt like to be mixed and matched with your existing memory.

compatability problem>?

try djohn's suggestion, as always good advice!

  ©®@$ђ 17:38 05 Mar 2003

bill and ben!

  loose85 17:40 05 Mar 2003

Have tried the memory in all 3 slots on its own and with others 2, still it aint my friend!

  Djohn 17:44 05 Mar 2003

Received via e-mail,


yep, tried it alone, in every slot, with other sticks, basically in every different order/way imaginable, and still it's not my friend!

No problem with contacting me direct Lucy, but if we keep all the post in the forum, then many other members can see what is being tried, what is/is not working.

Do you know the make/model of your Motherboard, as this will help. You should not need to Flash your BIOS or update files for your memory to be seen, especially as you have tried it on it's own.

Your board is more than capable of recognising 128m sdram. J.

  ©®@$ђ 17:45 05 Mar 2003

still points to a compatibility problem.

as you know the ram module is fine in your sisters computer, maybe you should sell her that one, or send it back stating that you have problems with compatibility, but that is up to the seller if they will refund or replace

the best place to get ram, is from crucial, they have a 100% compatibility guarantee, and are always a good company to deal with, not just good memory but customer service, found this out first hand..

they also let you choose your motherboard before purchasing the ram and they will sell you the ram that has been tested for your motherboard and this is where the guarantee comes in

and i don't work for them, i am a happy customer

  loose85 17:47 05 Mar 2003

My manual says its AMD Athlon AGP Mainboard
Socket A processors Mainboard. Does that tell you anything?!

  Djohn 17:56 05 Mar 2003

I agree with ©®@$ђ, this does sound as though the type of memory you have is not compatible with your system.

I would have thought that it will work on it's own though, if you have removed your other memory!

The fact it works fine on your sisters board rules out faulty memory. You say you have 160m of memory already. How is this achieved, do you have 1x128 + 1x32 to make your total?

  loose85 19:52 05 Mar 2003

2x 64 1x32 which I've nabbed off my siser in exchange for the 128 that didn't like me! I didn't know there were different RAM's for different mainboards, I thought it was fairly generic?

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