Problems Installing BT Broadband! :o(

  F1-Girl 09:10 09 Aug 2007

I recently ordered BT Broadband with a Vogager 220V Router. I have installed the CD and connected all the cables etc as it asks, however at the final stage, it says it cannot detect a internet connection. My phone line is available as broadband since the 3rd August and I still cannot use the service.

I have tried to install it about 10 times (and I’m not exaggerating!), using both the USB connection, and Ethernet. The lights on the router are on (power light and USB/Ethernet depending on which one I have connected it to). The power light and other light stay on permanently.

I bought a new ADSL lead as the the light for DSL on the router was not lit, so I assumed the lead must be faulty – however it appears I have wasted £7 on a cable I don’t need as it didnt rectify the problem!

I have also tested it with 2 different filters incase one of them was faulty. My computer has Windows 98SE which is apparently compatable so I am now running out of ideas and getting very close to throwing the whole lot out the window!

Has anybody got any ideas?

Thanks, Sarah

  robbiepaul79 10:14 09 Aug 2007

Contact BT about your problems would be a start, they would be able to advise you of any problems that may not be apparent to us.

  BurrWalnut 10:18 09 Aug 2007

I suggest you use the Ethetnet cable not USB.

Have you looked at the router's settings by typing 192.168.n.n (look in the manual for the exact settings) into a browser window?

  F1-Girl 10:36 09 Aug 2007

I will give it a go thanks.

My friend thinks that maybe the router is faulty, as the DSL light has not been lit once since i've had it... personally I have no idea. I just asumed that if the connection is set up and installed correctly, then the light should come on, or even flash intermittently.

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