problems with install.bat file under Vista

  oak chip 19:12 23 Mar 2008

I am a fan of railways (OK, I'm an anorak & used to be a trainspotter!!). I have the Microsoft game "Train Simulator" & have installed it on my new Vista computer. One of the great joys of ths game is the huge amount of freeware available from various websites. These range from models of wagons to complete scenic modelled routes. To avoid massive downloads and duplication of needless files, once routes are unzipped and installed it is necessary to run a file called "install.bat" which copies files from the original game into the new routes folders. It is here I am having problems. Trying to run this command I get an error "file not found" for each file. I have tried to open each 'original' folder to grant user access, I have run the 'install.bat' file as administrator, I have even downloaded and installed the registry hack "Take Control". All this has not worked. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions???

  brundle 19:32 23 Mar 2008

If you mean something like this click here
you need to edit the SET commands to point to the correct folders. EG if your MSTS is installed on drive C: change set MSTSDRIVE=D: to set MSTSDRIVE=C:

  oak chip 00:15 24 Mar 2008

Thanks for your reply, but sadly this has made the situation worse!! The attempt to edit the 'install.bat' file only results in the file being associated with the editing program. Vista does not seem to allow you to change file allocations once this has been done - i.e. it becomes a wordpad or notepad file - not a '.bat' file - now double clicking the file simply opens it for editing!!

  brundle 14:19 24 Mar 2008
  oak chip 20:03 24 Mar 2008

Thanks for your reply brundle. I have resorted to 'System Restore' to get back to square 1 (as it were). Why does Vista need to be so complicated?? Will SP1 fix this?? Or must we be relying on registry hacks all the time???

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