problems with infected pc and wireless networks...

  redsarah 17:32 11 Aug 2007

My daughter's pc has viruses which I cannot remove.
I am also finding it impossible to get her wireless network to connect.
I would appreciate any help.
I can connect her PC via ethernet. So hopefully can use online help??

  tullie 17:37 11 Aug 2007

Which anti virus and malware software have you got installed?

  redsarah 17:41 11 Aug 2007

Hi Tullie,
Thank you for your reply.
I am using ad aware and it is showing trojan downloaders amongst other things.

Ad aware offers the option to remove them, but they dont go!


  tullie 17:46 11 Aug 2007

You need an anti virus programme,adaware only cleans spyware etc.
I recommend Avast anti virus which is free.Download it without haste and do a thourogue scan.Also download spybot search and destroy and ccleaner,both free.

  brundle 17:47 11 Aug 2007

Get all three here; click here

  redsarah 17:51 11 Aug 2007

will do those things now
S x

  tullie 17:53 11 Aug 2007

Let us know how you get on

  tullie 18:33 11 Aug 2007

By the way what is your operating system?If Vista,check firewall is on,if xp download Zone Alarm free

  redsarah 19:27 11 Aug 2007

Ran avast and c cleaner
cant get internet to work on ethernet cable now!
any clues
think i may have removed some windows files with avast

S x

  tullie 19:30 11 Aug 2007

Avast wouldent do that,did you get rid of viruses etc?Tell us what your operating system is,type of router and isp please

  redsarah 19:34 11 Aug 2007

os is windows xp pro
router is bt vogager 2091
isp is bt broadband

I ran avast at boot up,which found lots of infected files ....thanks for that one.
It gave me options, I chose delete all, a couple of times the scan stopped and asked if I wanted to delete an infected windows
file ....I said yes to all
on startup there were boxes to say some files were not found.
Now internet will not work. i am taking ethernet out of this pc to use, so works fine on this one still.

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