Problems with IE7 Pro Add-On toolbar

  birdface 08:57 12 Sep 2010

Anybody tried downloading IE7Pro add on lately.
Tried twice last night it gives you the opertuniy of downloading a toolbar with it or not.
Twice I tried with the Toolbar unticked and twice it downloaded the Toolbar.
gave up eventually and downloaded this instead.
click here
I tried from Brothersoft and Softpedia and both the same Stayed away from CNET after reading of the same happening with them on a different program.
As you can probably see my spelling is a bit iffy which came in handy with the spell check with IE7Pro.
So now got to look for a decent spell check program as well.

  onthelimit 09:03 12 Sep 2010

I use this one click here

  birdface 09:41 12 Sep 2010

How do you set I spell to check spelling as you type or do you have to wait till you have finished typing a sentence before using.
Ok just worked it out you have to wait till everything is typed and then use it.
Ie7pro checked as you typed but i suppose I will get used to this.
Just my spelling is deteriating so will have to use it a lot me thinks.

  john bunyan 09:46 12 Sep 2010

Some have found this interferes with flash player

click here

  sunnystaines 09:48 12 Sep 2010

I have gone back to the older ver [2.4.7.]of iepro pre toolbar

  birdface 10:12 12 Sep 2010

Thanks for the response folk.
Although I used W/7 I never found any faults with using IE7Pro.
I know it has not been configured properly for W/7 yet but it seemed to work Ok.
That other adblock program works fine but no spell check on it.
I will carry on with what I have now I don't want the Toolbar on the pro version so looks like it is time to remove it for good.
And thanks onthelimit for the spell check.
I wonder why they do it though you pick download without the Toolbar and they still download it.

  sunnystaines 17:09 12 Sep 2010

ver [2.4.7.]works fine on w7[no spelling] and xp. the flash toolbar needs to be an optional extra only, because if you disable it the whole of iepro packs up.

not upgrading to newer versions till the flash toolbar is sorted.

  birdface 17:32 12 Sep 2010

Not sure what version I had but there was a spell check on it.
Was messing about with windows yesterday and it asked if i wanted to remove some programs to make my computer work better and part of it was IE7pro and it would not work after that.
Thats why I had to download it again.
Remember now it was the GraB and pull or something like that.
Never liked that part anyway but could never disable one part without disabling it all.
IE9 Beta should be out on Tuesday so will see what that has to offer.
Will see what happens I might look for the old version again and download that.
Basicall all I miss it for was the spell check.
Just noticed some of it still around as my toolbar is still above my address bar the way I like it.

  sunnystaines 17:41 12 Sep 2010

if you cannot find ver 2.4.7 last version before the silly flash toolbar, I can email it to you.

  birdface 17:48 12 Sep 2010

Ok thanks not made my mind up yet but may take you up on the offer later.

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