Problems with Heartinternet

  playmofire 22:00 14 Jun 2008

I have just got a free website package from Heartinternet and find their instructions bear little or no resemblance to what happens. For example, they claim that When you connect to your account you will find a number of directories. Your website and any other files, such as graphics, need to be placed inside the "public_html" directory". I've connected to my account and there is only a folder marked File Manager.

Has anyone had similar problems with this company, please?

  Taff™ 07:19 15 Jun 2008

No. The directory public_html is used to store your website. You will see it when you upload using ftp and is the target directory for index.html. I think you have logged into "eXtend Control Panel" and if you click on File Manager you will see all your website files including an empty folder called public_html.

  playmofire 07:27 15 Jun 2008

No, I just have an empty folder!

  Taff™ 07:37 15 Jun 2008

I take it you have activated your hosting package but have not yet uploaded your website - the folder will be empty until you do.

  playmofire 07:49 15 Jun 2008

My understanding of Heartnet's guidance is that the public_html directory already exists (attempts to create one have failed) and therefore I can't upload my website until the directory is there.

  Taff™ 08:06 15 Jun 2008

How are you trying to upload your website? I don`t use their file manager. I use the built in ftp programme within NetObjects Fusion but any ftp programme should do it.

  playmofire 08:18 15 Jun 2008

It seems that without a public_html directory I can't upload. I have tried using both FTP Explorer and FileZilla. Both have failed saying 503 Login incorrect and now cannot connect to server.

  Taff™ 08:35 15 Jun 2008

Heart are reporting a problem on server: web39

Could the upload port be being blocked by something on your computer. click here;question_id=545

I suggest you contact Heart Customer Services and see what they say. They are very helpful.

  Taff™ 08:39 15 Jun 2008

Whoops! You need to be logged in to Heart on their secure server to view that. Here`s what it says:

Your FTP client is reporting login was successful but the client is not listing the files and directories of your hosting space? - the chances are that local security settings is blocking port 20 on your machine.

Also, your FTP client is using Active mode to connect, which uses 2 ports to connect on - port 20 and 21.

Port 21 is essentially the port that sends the commands to the FTP server (so it will log you in, and send requests to report back what files and directories are there...) and port 20 is the data channel that retrieves the info requested (such as the directory listing) and uploads data. Another example would be uploading a file - port 21 sends the the command to create an empty file on the server, then port 20 would populate the file with the end data. So if you try to upload a file, but it appears on the server as empty with zero bytes, then port 20 is blocked.

If port 20 is blocked - then the likely cause is internet security settings via software or hardware, eg firewall on your machine or hardware firewall; security software like Norton and McAffee for example incorrectly blocking this access; network security settings if you are on a LAN or office network (in which case contact your network administrator).

  playmofire 08:52 15 Jun 2008

Thanks for your help and advice, but I'm afraid you're losing me here. I've no experience in dealing with Norton blocking ports it shouldn't. It all seems that the promises of easy ways to build a website are just so much hot air. I've done the coding with OpenOffice and that works fine on my laptop. I then tried Geocities, but found that it couldn't support tables in uploaded files and so you had to add them via HTML coding(!) and GPC on Google was no better. I had hoped Heartnet would do what it said.

  Taff™ 10:34 15 Jun 2008

I`m afraid it`s no good blaming Heart just yet. They are a well respected company and the service they offer is just what it says. If you care to check on the Web Design Forum you`ll see them recommended by many of the experts including the FE! Like him I am also a reseller and so with respect, let`s just try and solve the problem - it took me a few hours to understand the basics and I`m still a novice.

What type of account do you have with Heart? If you disable Norton and any firewall installed on your computer can you upload your site? (I assume you have this site ready to upload and this is the problem area.)

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