problems with hard drive after reformatting ....

  BENTEYE 20:57 20 Jun 2003

after reformatting my sons pc which has a 20 gb hard drive fitted - windows now tells me that the hard drive is only 7.9 gb - any help would be
the m/c is a dell dimesion p3 700 with xp o/s

check the cylinder/head/sectors settings in the bios (and LBA mode is selected)

  BENTEYE 22:13 20 Jun 2003

thanks but no joy there

  Valvegrid 22:34 20 Jun 2003

Have you gone into FDISK and set the partitions correctly.


  keith-236785 00:04 21 Jun 2003

it could be that the motherboard can only accept a maximum of 8Gig hard drives without software from the drive manufacturer which tricks the motherboard into accepting larger drives.

if this rings a bell then you will have to go to the web site of the hard drive manufacturer and download the relevent files to do this & the instructions.


are you installing windows 95 release A, i seem to recall that win95A only accepted a maximum of (i think it was) 8 GIG

couple of ideas for you but i dont have a firm answer

good luck anyway.

  woodchip 00:22 21 Jun 2003

You have a bios limitation it need flashing with new bios

  woodchip 00:24 21 Jun 2003

PS you will need to go to dell for the flash file and flash utilitie

  Bodi 08:35 21 Jun 2003

If the disk is partitioned, you should use Fdisk and remove - in this order - logical drive, extended drive, and primary drive. Restart Fdisk and (if required) re-partition your drive and then format.

This MAY be a cure and solve the problem.


  Bodi 16:23 26 Jun 2003

I hope it's just the thread I've killed and not the computer. lol


  BENTEYE 16:42 26 Jun 2003

flashed the bios from dell support site - and it should now support drives bigger than 8gb once I get round tpo reformatting

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