Problems with Hard disk and WinXP

  steve0 17:00 13 May 2003

I have recently built a machine - 80 Gig Hard disk, 512 MB Ram, Intel 2.4 P4, and one annoying problem is that the hard disk is constantly being accessed even when I'm not using the machine. I know Windows does its own housekeeping at quiet moments, but this seems to go on for the first half hour of use. Also I've never had this happen before. Does anyone know what might be the matter. I have Norton antivirus and it is up to date.


  cream. 17:08 13 May 2003

If you are using winX\P. Disable everything in start \ run \ msconfig \ startup and try again.

If this improves the problem with the hard disk, then go back and retick one at a time to see what is hogging the hard disk.

Time consuming, I know, but it could improve things.

regards tvi

  powerless 19:11 13 May 2003

There was something about Microsft Office accessing the disk constantly. Do you have MS office installed?

  steve0 22:43 13 May 2003

Yes I am running Office 2000. Any ideas?

  steve0 22:43 13 May 2003

Yes I am running Office 2000. Any ideas?

  jeez 23:16 13 May 2003

disk indexing service, u can turn it off by right clicking the drive in my computer and unchecking "allow indexing service to search this drive for fast file searching"

  ZIPPY 23:23 13 May 2003

I had same problem with my system but had 2 h/ds installed. Problem went when I disconnected the slave. Just removing it in bios had no effect, the same slave drive has some corruption on possibly as a result from file sharing. Don't know if this helps you but try checking your drive thrun scandisk.

  steve0 00:08 14 May 2003

Thanks for replies - disk indexing seems to have reduced it greatly

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