Problems getting modem router recognised

  Binzy 15:21 16 Nov 2009

I've just had Windows re-installed and was told to reload all my software. I did this including my ISP disc (Orange). BUT I can't use my modem router. I can only connect to the internet using my old Orange modem supplied when I switched over to broadband.

I have a Dell dimension 4400 desktop and Dell 6400 laptop both running XP. The modem router is KLS-5810 all in one 802.11b/g wireless ADSL model router, and I'm using two homeplugs. All the lights on the router come as they should but I cannot get the computer to recognise it when I try to connect to the internet.

  woodchip 15:39 16 Nov 2009

You need to go into Router Setup Page to put your ISP user name and password etc in

  Binzy 09:10 18 Nov 2009

Thanks woodchip. Sorry, but where do I find the router set up page please?

  woodchip 09:48 18 Nov 2009

Start Internet Explorer then Put the Address for the Router into the Address Bar at the top. you should have a Manual or Readme file on the CD that came with the Router that supplies the address. iuf it goes you may get a screen asking for password and it will tell you the Default mine is admin so you would type it as it is admin look for the setup tab there should be one the Page is built into the router, its not a web page on the internet

  Binzy 11:37 18 Nov 2009

OK, well I followed your advice and can only get so far before I get the same error message.

I get as far as Auto Detect, click this and get auto detect failed. Please ask your DSL service provider for correct settings and complete the following screen. I click OK and get webpage you requested is not available offline. To view this page click connect. I click connect - Opening port - Error 680.

I end up with the same error message if I try manual detect.

Where to now please?

  T0SH 11:57 18 Nov 2009

Automatic setup for routers is mainly designed to work with ISP`s in the USA

Apply the UK standard setup (unless your ISP tells you otherwise) of


Enter your user name and password as given by your ISP remember to save/apply the settings and reboot the router to make them stick

you should be up and running in seconds

Cheers HC

  Binzy 12:45 18 Nov 2009

OK, I got as far as VCMUX(RFC2364) and couldn't see where to put this in, ignored it and continued but got a failed message - no internet connection!!


  T0SH 18:55 18 Nov 2009

Here is the answer to the Orange modem setup from Yahoo answers

VPI/VCI = 0 / 38
Encapsulation = VC MUX
MTU = 1454

One variation from the standard setup

If you can connect successfully with the Orange supplied modem, then do so and access the modem setup page and note the settings and transfer them to your router, which I am assuming was not supplied by your previous ISP ?, if so it will be locked to their service and no ammount of trying to change settings will get it to work

Cheers HC

  Binzy 20:13 18 Nov 2009

Still struggling. Cannot find anywhere to check encapsulation and MTU.
The wizard takes me through several screens:
DSL settings (all OK);
Internet access (PPoA and VC-BASED);
PPoA (all OK);
IP address - now here there are two check boxes: automatic (dynamic)and fixed - automatic is checked. DNS - again two check boxes and automatic obtain from server is checked.
I tried setting up using Orange IP address but what is DNS please?

In the router manual it says the WLAN and WAN lights should be on. They only come on when the router is connected to the telephone socket. But if I do this I cannot connect to the internet and I get the 680 error message.
If I connect using the Orange modem these two lights go out hence the message about failing to connect. There's obviously something basic that I'm failing to do here but I don't know what. Do you?

  Binzy 15:42 22 Nov 2009

Thanks all, everything OK now. I persevered, using your info and then checked my connection settings. Realised modem was trying to connect using my old dial up account, unchecked "always dial this connection" and bingo.
Thanks again.

  woodchip 19:06 22 Nov 2009

Set IP to automatic

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