Problems getting on line.

  yahwob 12:32 10 Apr 2012


Have had problems all Easter getting on line. Was fine for an hour on Friday morning and then I got a pop up from Zone Alarm asking if I wanted to download an update, I know I know, perhaps i shouldn't of done that but once i did I lost my internet connection.

No error messages as such but just got a white screen saying it couldn't connect. In the end I rang Virgin and they said they would get a guy out this morning, more on that later.

Meanwhile during the weekend I continued using the PC without access to the internet but then last night I got the following error message;

ATI2dvag File The device got stuck in an infinte loop.

A whole load of numbers followed this and it was all on a blue screen, after that it would only let me start the PC in safe mode.

I made a guess that that meant my graphics card was in trouble?

Anyway the Virgin man turned up this morning and tested my modem, I explained the PC would be in safe mode but he said that shouldn't make any difference to him. He said my modem wasn't working correctly and anyway was not a good enough modem for a 20MB speed in the first place! So he fitted a brand new modem, a stand up one with blue lights everywhere and he confirmed that everything was connected and working but when we tried to connect to the internet as before we got the same message, couldn't connect!

He then tried to run a suggested check but that wouldn't run and when he went into control panel to check network connections the box was completely empty! He basically then did a runner saying that as the PC was running in safe mode he couldn't check anything and therefore he'd done his bit by connecting the new modem but couldn't do any more!

After he left I restarted the new PC and lo and behold it did not insist on me starting in safe mode, it let me start normally. However I still can't connect to the internet!

I have checked the network connections box and the modem is showing up as a Realtec and 1Gbmb and as far as I can see everything is there and running correctly but it's still not letting me connect!

In the back of my mind I still have suspicions about the Zone Alarm download I did on Friday. Zone Alarm does not seem to be letting me run a scan either but as I can't get on to the internet I can't download a quick scan programme although I'm at work now with a memory stick at hand so if somebody can recommend a programm I'd be grateful!

it's very frustrating, I have a brand new modem all set up and apparetntly working correctly, my pc says I'm connected etc but it's not letting me connect!

Also any one have any ideas about the error message saying sile ATI2dvag was in a infinite loop? It seems to have cleared now but that was the fault restricting me to safe mode for a while, it seems to have cleared with the installing of the new modem but was it anything to do with my graphics card?

Many thanks

  Sea Urchin 13:38 10 Apr 2012

I would do a system restore to a time before Friday which should roll back the ZoneAlarm update.

With regard to your blue screen I would agree that it probably relates to the graphics card, but more particularly the driver. Try updating the driver in Device manager.

  yahwob 14:10 10 Apr 2012

Hi and thanks.

Tried doing a restore a couple of times over the weekend but didn't seem to make any difference whatsoever. Have not tried a restore since getting the new modem installed though.

Unfortunately can not update the driver without access to the internet although I guess I could get an updated driver downloaded onto my works pc and put it on the memory stick?

  Sea Urchin 14:37 10 Apr 2012

Yes, you can certainly download a driver on another computer and transfer to a memory stick. But make sure it's the correct driver for your card.

You said in your original post that installing the ZoneAlarm update seemed to be responsible for the subsequent loss of Internet connection. If a system restore makes no difference then if it was my system I would take the more drastic action of uninstalling ZoneAlarm to see if that cures the problem. You can switch on the Windows Firewall while you do that. If so then reinstall ZA but don't reinstall the update in question.

  yahwob 14:50 10 Apr 2012

Okay I will try that, I have tried to get onto the net whilst disabling Zone Alarm but with no success but havn't tried uninstalling it completely.

I'm not sure that Zone Alarm is the problem, it just seems a coincidence that I lost my connection immediately after the update but we will see.

  Sea Urchin 15:01 10 Apr 2012

It can be a pain to completely uninstall ZoneAlarm but here is some guidance - including an automatic uninstaller.

Uninstall ZoneAlarm

  Sea Urchin 15:03 10 Apr 2012

Scroll down to towards the bottom of the link for instructions in using the auto uninstaller

  birdface 15:34 10 Apr 2012

Supplied and fitted a new modem.

Did he phone Virginmedia to verify that he had connected a new router and give them the details of the new box for them to switch it on properly.

If you have the phone package with them the 15o number is free.

You can sign into their Forum for help.I have used it 3 or 4 times in the last year and found it to be very good at sorting things out.

They all work for Virginmedia so they know what they are talking about.

Like the others I would remove Zone Alarm completely to see if it made any difference.Then reinstall it again.

  birdface 15:35 10 Apr 2012

New modem that should have been and not new router,

  yahwob 16:06 10 Apr 2012

Hi and thanks,

Well he seemed convinced that the new modem was working properly, he told me two or three times that everything was fine as far as he was concerned because the blue light on the front and the green light on the back were lit!

My PC does seem to be saying that the network is working fine although I'm not an expert.

I will ring Virgin Broadband tech help once I get home and then maybe uninstall Zone alarm if they can't get me working.

That's the frustrating part, I have a brand new super duper modem, everything says it's working properly and I still can't get online!

  Sea Urchin 16:14 10 Apr 2012

Do you have any programs that update without using a browser - Spywareblaster, Malwarebytes or the like? If so what happens if try to update them?

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