Problems getting internet connection

  geek84 10:39 30 Dec 2010

Hi Folks

I have wireless broadband via Virgin Media, and can connect my desktop and lap top to the internet without much of a problem. However, last week I bought another lap top (for the kids), and have problems connecting to the internet. Sometimes it connects but very often it does not. It even looses the connection when I am in the internet.

Could you please advice what I could do to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

  Jollyjohn 12:02 30 Dec 2010


Couple of things to try to confirm the problem.
first, when it looses the connection are the other computers still connected?

Second, can you connect with an ethernet cable and is this connection ok. If so then it is the wireless adapter in the laptop so details of the laptop would help trace the problem.

  geek84 16:08 30 Dec 2010

Hi Jollyjohn

Many thanks for your reply.

Yes the other computers remain connected when this new lap top looses connection.

I am not very computer literate, so don't know how to connect with an ethernet cable!

Can you please explain how I do that?

What other checks can I do in order to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance.

  mooly 17:48 30 Dec 2010

It's always worth trying channing the wireless channel on the router away from "auto" and selecting something like 11 or 13 and seeing what happens.

If you go into the network settings on the laptop (or via the icon in the tray) what is the signal strength ?

  spuds 19:04 30 Dec 2010

You might find something here click here

  Terry Brown 07:48 31 Dec 2010

You say you bought a laptop last week week.If this was new, then go back to the retailer as it is not fit for purpose, and ask for a replacement or refund (take reciept)

If bought used, did the seller state that is was in 'Good Working Order', if so then the laptop is not working correctly, and a return / refund is in order, however if it had minor faults that was disclosed to you, and you accepted them, you may have a problem.


  geek84 16:37 31 Dec 2010

Hi Terry

Many thanks for your reply.

Yes, I did think of taking it back. However, I didn't for 2 reasons -

1. I bought it from Staples over the internet?

2. The laptop works fine, except it has problems connecting to the wireless internet. So, even if I tried to return it to them, they could turn round and say there is something wrong with my internet connection?

Do you still think that I should get in touch with Staples?

Thanks in advance for your responses(s).

  spuds 16:53 31 Dec 2010

If you bought it from Staples, then look at your receipt because they have a returns (no-quibble)policy that good for about a month, especially if the item is only a week old. Make sure though, that the item is returned as in the same complete condition as it was purchased.

Try to deal with the manager of the store, because you will find most are very obliging in resolving problems.

When you purchased the item, was it in a sealed and unused condition, with all contents present?.

  geek84 21:01 31 Dec 2010

Hi Spuds

Thanks for your reply. However, as outlined above, I think I will have a problem when returning the item. The reason being - the laptop works fine, except it has problems connecting to the wireless internet. So, even if I tried to return it to them, they could turn round and say there is something wrong with my internet connection?


  Ex plorer 01:06 01 Jan 2011

Hi just a thought check and make sure Work Off Line isn't checked.

Go to File and look down the drop-down menu.
Click on it to un-check if it is.

  proudfoot 11:39 03 Jan 2011

Geek84, you haven't confirmed you have tried changing wireless channels as Mooly suggested.
I had the same problem with my wife's laptop. It suddenly would not connect by wireless even when in the same room as my PC.
Most wireless hubs default to channel 6. I changed my channel to 11 and the problem was solved, though any channel would probably have served.

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