Problems getting CD to autorun

  Pesala 16:58 10 May 2003

I have created a CD of talks with an HTML interface click here to make it easy to run the MP3 files, but the CD doesn't always start from my DVD drive. (It started the third time after being ejected twice). It seems to work first time from my CD-RW drive but (because the drive is slower?) the talks stutter when using the mouse.

Any suggestions on what I can do? I don't want to give people a CD that doesn't work.

MT1316B BDV212B (12x/40x DVD-ROM)

SAMSUNG CD-R/RW SW-212B (12x/8x/32x CD-RW)

Media Octron Silver 40X 80 min 700 Mbyte

  Pesala 22:44 10 May 2003

I am using Windows ME. Magazine cover disk CDs usually work fine in the DVD drive, though some are temperamental and very slow to load. My home-made CD works first time from the CD-RW drive every time.

The Autorun.inf file is as follows:



  Taran 10:53 11 May 2003

I'd imagine that you've answered your own question here.

If your DVD drive sometimes refuses to play covermount CD's while your CDRW plays more or less everything, it's a drive/firmware/settings problem rather than your disk.

If you want to distribute your CD you should always include printed instructions on the CD cover detailing how to launch the first file of the presentation (index.html in the example you have detailed).

If your CD goes to a business or academic institution, the machines will either have no CD drive or access to it and/or autoplay will be disabled in the majority of cases as a standard part of network security, so it is always vital to include simple instructions (just like any computer magazine CD) on how to get your first page running.

You can never guarantee 100% autoplay with a CD you produce. This is down to hardware, software, OS and user issues that may or may not be present, and you simply cannot account for all eventualities in this area. I'd test the CD on half a dozen computers and if most of them play the disk without manual interference it looks like you did everything properly.

You can invest in some third party solutions specifically tailored to producing distributable media but they are (mostly) expensive and in this case probably way over the top.

I'd stick with what you have and keep in mind that you will never get a guaranteed 100% success rate on autoplaying a CD.

There's an excellent little freeware download at the following link that can make life very easy for autorunning CD's.

click here

If you get the above download, the line in your autorun file should read

open=ShellExe.exe index.html

There's an example you can download in Zip file format of an autorun file, CD icon with the shellexe.exe file at the following URL:

click here



  Pesala 07:20 24 May 2003

Thank you Taran for that very informative response. I missed the email notification for some reason, and my post must have fallen off the bottom of page 10 by now. I was checking My Posts today when I found your response.

The CD is coming on fine. Initially, I produced by dragging and dropping files to a Direct CD, but the UDF reader caused problems in Windows XP. I updated that from the Roxio site, but decided to use Easy CD Creator instead, making an image on my hard drive first.

My latest attempt is rejected every time by my DVD drive, but worked first time on my friend's laptop running XP. It also works first time on my CD-RW drive, so I guess there is not much wrong with it.

I shall only make them one at a time as I need them, as I am still discovering minor defects and omissions from time to time that need rectifying.

I shall add instructions to the CD sleeve as you suggest. The latest version of the interface is on my website click here

P.S. I finally got it to work from my DVD drive after five or six attempts. (>_<) Maybe I need a new drive or just a drive-cleaning kit.

  Gerry 16:17 24 May 2003

Have downloaded the "Autorun" file BUT how does one get it to work??? Being an 'idiot'I can't see how you get this onto 'Nero' to burn a Data Disc?? HELP please

  Pesala 16:26 24 May 2003

I used Adaptec Easy CD Creator to create my CD (see above post for a link to the interface).

As you can see, getting autorun to work is not always guaranteed. Better post another question if this is not enough. No one else will see your question in this resolved thread.

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