Problems finding drivers for Win2k

  Lee12 03:00 29 Jan 2008

Hi, this is long so please bear with me.
I have a Compaq Presario S5000NX that came with Windows XP Home Edition already installed with it. I just created a Dual boot a few days ago with Win2k
In WinXP all my drivers are updated, and I also updated the BIOS.
Now for Win2k I am having problems. I need to install drivers for Win2k, the drivers that I need are for:

Multimedia Audio Controller,
PCI Device,
PCI Simple Communication Controller,
Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller,
Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

Where do I get the drivers for Win2k, because Compaq only has these drivers for XP Home and for this make and model computer.
After I get this issue solved, I have another that I need assistance with, (MAN OH MAN it never ends).

  [email protected] 08:17 29 Jan 2008

I would send hp an email to enquire if there are suitable drivers for your motherboard.
click here

  Jim_F 08:34 29 Jan 2008

I believe your chipset is Intel 845GL so these should work: click here

Most of the Intel drivers appear to be cross-platform Win2k through to XP so the oompaq-sourced drivers may well work.

  Lee12 20:09 29 Jan 2008

Now that I found the Chipset drivers do I install them in WinXP even though the drivers are only for XP . I first install the chipset drivers in WinXP it directed to Device Manager and ask me to select the device I want to download.
The question is, which device do I need to download, because all my devices in WinXP are updated.
So I then I booted into Win2k and placed my disk in, a dialog screen pop up stating

(The original driver are stored in the C:\HP\Drivers\Chipset folder. Please Install the drivers through Device Manager)
Another dialog screen pop up and ask (Do you wish to overwrite this file)? Then I give me options:
Yes, yes to all, no, no to all, cancel
I did load it to the D drive, and the only one it updated was (PCI Device).
So how do I fined the remedy to this problem ?

  Jim_F 20:00 30 Jan 2008

Most manufacturers give you a package of drivers that will work across OS versions - Intel states the 845GL driverset will work for Win2k>Winxp.

So yes- I believe you need to update the drivers in Win2k from the driver package you have downloaded - either through their own setup file 'setup.exe' or Windows finding the update.

You may need to treat the Windows installs as seperate entities as thats how Windows works - enter Win2k and run setup in Win2k otherwise the Intel setup could only be giving you the XP files versions out of the driver package if you rub it from XP. (Best guess).

  Lee12 05:37 31 Jan 2008

Thanks for the info Jim_F, I went to the site you suggested click here, and was able to download chipset drivers. I was able to update everything but the:

PCI Device,
PCI Simple Communication Controller.

It stated that there are no drivers for those.
There where some other chipset driver downloads, maybe for the PCI'S, not sure which one.
Can you please suggest which chipset drivers I need for those on the downloadcenter. intel website?

  Jim_F 22:53 01 Feb 2008

Hi Lea64 - glad you made some progress.

Quick thoughts:

PCI device could be anything that is on the PCI bus - whatever the mobo manufacturer added on or whatever you plug in - is there anything that isn't picked up in Win2k device manager that you see in XP ?

The drivers could come from Windows update or the mobo vendor as well as Intel - have you checked on Windoes update ?

  Lee12 02:45 02 Feb 2008

Ok, thanks Jim_F I will check on Windows update then get back with you.

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