Problems with external hard drive

  edenworkshops 19:27 22 Jun 2011


I did post about this a few days ago, but things have moved on since then so I thought to port another thread.

The problem has to do with my external hard drive.

The drive appeared in my computer but when I tried to access it, there was apparently nothing on the drive, though it worked fine on my wifes PC.

I tried using a different usb port, I wanted to try a new usb cable but didnt have one.

I had a rootkit which was affecting a physical drive, but I got rid of that and still the drive wouldn't function.

I have just switched to another drive, as soon as I fitted it it was detected and I could access it, but I was told to reboot my system or it might not work properly, I did this, but after re-booting allthough the drive appeared in my computer and everything was visible on it, I could not delete files, nor could I transfer files onto it, I kept being told that the specified file could not be found.

Any suggestions please?

Thank you.


  edenworkshops 19:34 22 Jun 2011

I now find that though the new drive appears in my computer, when viewed there is nothing on it, same problem as before, different drive?


  scotty 09:16 23 Jun 2011

Do the drives work and are the files visible when you attach to another computer?

What was the rootkit?

  edenworkshops 09:36 23 Jun 2011


Yes, both drives work ok and everything is visible and accesable when connected to my wifes PC.

The rootkit was Win32:MBRoot-J


  scotty 10:05 23 Jun 2011

From Sophos: Aliases



Allows others to access the computer
Downloads code from the internet

Based on that description, I would be concerned that other infections may have been installed on your pc. Suggest you run various checks (MS malicious software removal tool, full AV scan, Spybot search & destroy).

Beyond that you could do a windows repair.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:23 23 Jun 2011

Ghost device conflicts are the mostly cause especially for devices that are connected and disconnected regularly i.e. pen drives, external drives, mp3 devices and phones.

Remove all USB devices

Download and run

Uninstall ALL devices that are shown as not connected.

Reboot the machine.

Plug in your USB device and windows should then find new hardware and reinstall the drivers for the device.

  edenworkshops 13:03 23 Jun 2011


I did all you suggested, but nothings changed. You can see the drive in my computer, but when youi try to access it there is apparently nothing on the drive.


  wee eddie 13:38 23 Jun 2011

What types of Computer do you and your Wife have?

  edenworkshops 13:52 23 Jun 2011

Not sure what you meran when you say which type, we both use standard PC's which are both running XP.


  woodchip 13:56 23 Jun 2011

Looking at your first post in this thread I would say you have a Virus that is installing into the Boot sector. this must be on your PC, its nothing to do with the drives though you will have to remove the Partitions and create new ones on the Extyernal drives to get rid of it. You need to get at the root that is on your PC and also I would say as been transmitted to the Computer that you plugged the drive into and said it worked on

  edenworkshops 14:31 23 Jun 2011

I got rid of the rootkit by running a standalone sotware suggested by my anti virus provider. I did a full anti virus scan and also ran a full scan with a good malware detector, my system appears to be clean.


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