Problems on Ebuyer

  [email protected]® 10:47 28 Nov 2004

I am having problems when using Ebuyer. I am trying to return a faulty unit in which you need an RMA number. They have e-mailed me saying an RMA has been allocated and click the link to get the number and where to send it etc. When I do it keeps coming up saying 'You are not authorized to view this page
You might not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials you supplied.

If you believe you should be able to view this directory or page, please try to contact the Web site by using any e-mail address or phone number that may be listed on the click here home page.'

I have logged in correctly and try accesing it the long way round and the same thing happens. I cant find an e-mail address or phone number to contact them. Has anyone experienced the same and do you no of a phone number I can contact them. Many thanks.

  BigMoFoT 10:52 28 Nov 2004

There is an option if you can get to it to post an enote on their website which someone should pick up on...might be better in the Consumerwatch forum as I think they have a forum monitor in there...

  [email protected]® 10:56 28 Nov 2004

It won't allow me to post an enote either.

  [email protected]® 11:27 28 Nov 2004

And it has been doing this for a week or so now.

  georgemac 11:47 28 Nov 2004

I have just logged in and opened a new enote so the site is working OK.

I log in as normal, the site says welcome *username* I click on account, enotes new ticket and I can open a new enote no problem.

If you cannot do this you have 2 choices, re-register and open a new enote, or get someone to leave an enote for you with the details of your problem.

Ebuyer do not monitor consumerwatch, I think mesh are the only company now doing this.

  [email protected]® 11:53 28 Nov 2004

I can't even access the home page now. Is something wrong with my computer?

  BigMoFoT 12:01 28 Nov 2004

I would say so yes...

Is it just that site or do you have problems with other sites particularly a site you have to log into, something with some kind of security

  kimjhon 12:16 28 Nov 2004

With so many things disabled on the Ebay page i would be a bit worried the page might be spoofed.

I would be scanning my pc for spyware. Other members may have thoughts on this.

Maybe there is a member here who can login to Ebay using your password ( if you have not let Ebay retain your credit card details ).

The FE is reputably a fairly honest type - even when drunk.

  TomJerry 12:19 28 Nov 2004

check your firewall or internet content filtering setting

  kimjhon 12:32 28 Nov 2004

Sorry. A slip. Same applies.

  kimjhon 12:46 28 Nov 2004

I am having a small (delivery) prob myself with Ebuyer and find that the only telephone numbers available are those of their postal agents.

The do apologize for problems they are having with dealing with 'returns' - a backlog of up to two weeks. Could be related to this ?

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