Problems with dual OS'

  Dazwm 20:31 12 Sep 2003

I have split my hardrive in two and put ME on one and XP Pro on the other (just experimenting). The trouble is everything works really quickly in ME and browsing is instant but when I use XP everything is really sluggish and browsing takes forever! Why is this please?

  powerless 20:33 12 Sep 2003

What are your system credentials?

  Dazwm 20:36 12 Sep 2003

AMD Athlon XP 2000+
512 DDR
120GB (split in two)

  Dazwm 21:11 12 Sep 2003

Also when I am in XP a error keeps occuring:

A runtime error has occurred
Do you wish to debug?

Line: 1
Error: Invailid Character

  powerless 21:23 12 Sep 2003

OK the system seems up to it.

Have you cleared the temp files?

  powerless 21:25 12 Sep 2003

Have you set Windows to Update automatically?

These updates maybe downloading in the background.

Making surfing slow as the updating is stealing nearly all of your connection.

  Dazwm 21:25 12 Sep 2003

Sorry Powerless what do you mean?

  powerless 21:28 12 Sep 2003

Clearing temp files...

Up at the top of IE click, tools, internet options..., delete files.

  Dazwm 22:34 12 Sep 2003

I have cleared the temp files and there is nothing running in the background and it is just the same. I am stumped any other ideas?

  powerless 23:05 12 Sep 2003

Is there an earth like icon with a windows logo on the task bar?

  Dazwm 08:20 13 Sep 2003


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