Problems displaying Tesco grocery website

  andy625 15:49 15 Apr 2007

For about the last month I have been having problems dieplaying the Tesco grocery shopping website. The page starts to display, then hangs whilst it says its downloading a gif image.

Has anyone else had similar problems or is the problem with my pc?

  MAJ 15:55 15 Apr 2007

No problem with opening the home page at click here. Is it a particular page you're having problems with.

  andy625 16:01 15 Apr 2007

Yes I can display the homepage ok, its when I try to go to the groceries link. The groceries page then starts to load, then it hangs. See if you can load this page: click here

  MAJ 16:05 15 Apr 2007

That's a sign in/register page and it loads okay for me.

  p;3 16:05 15 Apr 2007

I have loaded a sign in page which is as far as I can get as I am not registered with them::))

  andy625 16:13 15 Apr 2007

Sorry I meant to say the page that apperas after I've logged in wont load. I suppose I'll have to wait and see if any tesco customers with a login read this.

  MAJ 16:16 15 Apr 2007

It's impossible to get to the Grocery page without signing in or registering. It's impossible to register without giving a clubcard number or signing up for a club card. It's impossible to sign up for a club card without giving a load of personal info.

  nikef 17:14 15 Apr 2007

just signed into the grosery page,no problems here

  andy625 17:41 15 Apr 2007

OK thanks Nikef. Must be my connection/pc.

  Jimmy14 17:46 15 Apr 2007

working fine here also. What version of IE are you running? Have you tried running Ccleaner then restarting IE and trying this website,
click here

  andy625 08:39 16 Apr 2007

Sorry for the delay Jimmy. I'm using IE7 and no I haven't tried Ccleaner. I'll give it a shot. Thanks.

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