problems with display

  spartan 13:06 07 Jan 2004

Dear all,
I have a strange problem with my display.
Symptoms are as follows,
flickering at a high rate
Undulating pictures.
My system is
Evesham axis rk 1900 xp
radeon 8500le graphics card
samsung syncmaster957df.

What makes this strange is that it only seems to happen at night and is not dependent whether or not the computer has been on during the day.
I have checked drivers and settings in display also I have run virus and spyware software
Could anyone help please

  hugh-265156 13:20 07 Jan 2004

check control panel/display/settings/advanced/monitor

tick the "hide modes this monitor cannot display" box and then choose the highest refresh rate available.85hz and above should be rock solid display with no flicker.

  Djohn 13:28 07 Jan 2004

Also check to see if you have any lights/lamps near the screen. Especially the type that have a transformer in the base as this will cause the display to flicker.

  spartan 13:49 07 Jan 2004

Thanks huggyg71 and Djohn.
I have explored the refresh rate to no avail also there are no transformers on or near the screen. Would electricity supply have effect on this?

  Djohn 14:13 07 Jan 2004

Not that I can think of spartan. Unless there is a strong electrical field near your monitor, but this would affect the display in the daytime as well as night.

Can you pinpoint the timing of this? Does it happen when you turn on your PC at or after a certain/exact time of day? If it's only at night, is it because some other appliance has come on that is not so in the day?

Depending on where in your home the PC is situated and plugged into the mains power supply, it may be on the same "Ring circuit" as something that is causing the interference.

To test this, use an extension power lead to take the power supply from a different circuit in the house. Try this and please post back with the results, and any more information you can think of.

PS. Is there any reason that you may suspect the power supply?

  spartan 16:12 07 Jan 2004

Only the fact that I have eco 7 I will try what you have advised tonight and post the results.
Thanks for your input.

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