Problems defraging

  drahcir 23:21 07 Sep 2005

Hi, we deleted a lot of internet favourites and then tried to defrag, but it keeps cycling between 0 and 1 % and nothing happens. Any ideas, thanks, drahcir.

  feb 23:26 07 Sep 2005

Hi drahcir

Try defrging in safe mode, then only the needed items will be started and the process won't be interupted

  recap 14:23 08 Sep 2005

To do the method feb suggests you will need to press the F8 key on your keyboard when the system is starting up. You will then be presented with several options, chose the Safe Mode option.

Windows will then load up in safe mode, the screen will look strange but don't it should look like that. You can now run the defrag program 100%.

  wee eddie 16:36 08 Sep 2005

Depending on the size of the Hard Drive - Windows Defragger can take up to half an hour for the first 10% if it has not been done for a while.

The whole process can take a couple of hours.

If you have a Screen Saver, or any other Software loaded, then it won't get past first base!

So - turn the Screen Saver off and go for Safe Mode as suggested.

  Hardworking 17:46 11 Sep 2005

Hello, this is my first time in this forum. I've had exactly the same problem, and it must be something running in the background which doesn't when you are in safe mode. The finger of suspicion in my case points perhaps to Norton A/V.


  uisquebeathus 15:54 15 Sep 2005

You will have to disconnect from the internet and stop all operating software and especially any antivirus absolutly any programs that show on the bottom taskbar on the desktop.
right click on a part of the screen and make sure that there is no power settings or screen savers actioned.
any of the above will make the defrag program restart and its limited on how often it can do that before it stops altogether. The first run of a defrag can take a very long time depending on the size of the drives and how much information is on the drives, that will set the system up and do this at least once a month

  Jackcoms 20:10 15 Sep 2005

I'm fascinated by the comments in this thread along the lines of "up to half an hour" and "can take a very long time".

Whilst I agree wholeheartedly that coming offline and disabling your AV is always sound advice when defragging and that size of HDD will have an effect, I'm gobsmacked at the lengths of time quoted to achieve a defrag.

I can only assume that these people are using an OS other than XP and/or their PCs are clogged up with all sorts of crap.

I use XP, always disable my AV and to defrag my 40GB HDD takes no more than 6 minutes on a bad day.

  wee eddie 21:05 15 Sep 2005

Mine frequently takes well over half an hour and considerably longer if I leave it a month or so.

Mind you - I spend quite a while fiddling about with sound and occasional video files on this thing.

  Jackcoms 21:23 15 Sep 2005

"considerably longer if I leave it a month or so".

I defrag once a week

  wee eddie 23:01 15 Sep 2005

There are some that have never done it and then wonder why it doesn't move off the first few percent for half an hour!

Normally I run it last thing on Friday. After I have cleared the Temporary Internet Files and the Recycle Bin.

  Thalmus 13:44 16 Sep 2005

I once defragged a guys 80 gb hard disk that was nearly full and had never been done before.

Took 12 hours

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