Problems copying to DVD

  [email protected] 22:41 22 May 2009

I have video clips which I have recorded on an Archos 604 and I now wish to copy them to a DVD.
I have used the software,NTI CD & DVD Maker-Gold, which came installed when I bought my Acer Asire lap top and which has always worked satisfactorily in the past.
The process appeared to work OK and I received the message that copying had been completed. However, when I try to play back the DVD, I get a message that Windows Media has encountered a problem and I cannot get any response. When checking the disk properties, it shows that the disk is full, although there should be over 50% free space.
I have tried copying a sma;; video on to a 'memory stick' and can replay from this source, which leads me to think that there is a fault with the disk playback facility.
Any suggestions, please?

  recap 13:18 24 May 2009

It could be as simple as the disc itself, try using another brand of disc first.

  [email protected] 10:14 26 May 2009

I think the problem might be my disks!!
My son managed to copy my video clips on to a disk which I had tried unsuccessfully before - but only after he had first reformatted it!!
Unfortunately, I dod not know this until later and am now unable to contact him to find out how he did it!!!
Also, I am confused on this point, as I understood that DVD's did not need to be formatted. I have tried to use Verbatim and Imation disks - both are DVD+R.
I have looked at forums covering this point, but there seems to be some difference of opinion as to whether (a) formatting is necessary and (b) how to go about formatting!!
Any suggestions - or shall I go out a but some new disks. If the latter, any recommendations?

  ICF 11:25 26 May 2009

DVD+R or DVD-R don't need formatting.

If your making a DVD to play on a domestic DVD player then the disc's need to be finalised

Here might be a better place to ask your question
click here

  ICF 11:30 26 May 2009

The link I posted to the NTI forum seems a waste of time as there does not seem to be much activity

  tullie 13:15 26 May 2009

There cant be any difference of opinion regarding formatting a cd,it simply is not necessary.

  [email protected] 13:47 26 May 2009

Note all that has been said, but am still no nearer a solution.
Can I revert to my original enquiry and ask if it would be advantageous to try a completely different make of DVD?
Also, why does the disk size on 'My Computer' for the relevant type show '0 bytes' available, when I am certain that there is a lot of unused space?

  ICF 16:20 26 May 2009

It all depends on how the DVD was written.Ie multisession or not.Multisession lets you write data to the DVD at diffrent times or sessions otherwise the DVD is closed for further data ie no multisession.

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