Problems connecting Z600 to PC via IRDA-USB!

  May the Schwarz be with you... 15:45 07 Feb 2004

Hi, I have a Sony Ericsson Z600 and I ordered a BAFO BF-120 IRDA USB cable off ebay. Everything arrived ok. However, I'm trying to follow the instructions exactly and nothing works! I'm sure I'm installing the right drivers. I also have a sticker with 'V6102F' on it stuck on the IRDA.

First of all, I made sure the IRDA wasn't plugged into my USB and stuck in the driver CD, went to DRIVER/BF-120/Vishay6102F/WINDOWS/ and double clicked on Setup.exe. I specified where I wanted the folder to be made and it went through the usual stuff until I got the message which said I could plug in the IRDA and continue my installation. I do that and then that box comes up to ask me whether I want Windows to search for drivers or specify etc....

Now, this is probably where I went wrong. I have tried both options. With the first option, I get like 7 different drivers, the first 1 is some driver from the WINDOWS folder on my C:drive and the others from the CD (but they vary between Win98 and Win2K). With the second option, I have tried going specifically to the exact folder with the V6120F WinXP driver. But both don't work.

It could be that my IRDA is working. After the installations, I have tried sending a picture/sound clip from my Z600 to my PC via the IRDA but nothing happens and I keep getting the message 'Connection failed' and 'No devices found'. This is where it gets really annoying!

I have installed that Mobile Monitor but when I open 'catcheventatl', all I get is 'Disconnected' at the bottom. I have checked the COM tab. All I see is COM1 and I have enabled it and reserved it (dunno whether I should do this). But still, nothing works!

The funny thing is that when I got it the very first time, I just plugged in my IRDA, Windows did some stuff automatically (before I even had the chance to insert the driver CD) and I immediately tried sending a picture from my phone and it began to transfer! But the transfer never finished and a problem occured.

So if anyone could help me on this problem since I have just wasted £15 on this stupid IRDA USB cable and I really want it to work. I have read some threads here about how people have installed loads of these and they work perfectly.

Btw, it's not to do with my phone right? I tried sending something to my friend's laptop IRDA port and it did it perfectly!


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