problems connecting WAP to wired router

  maryjane 16:11 11 Sep 2004

I have a wired Netgear router - DG834 - into which I am trying to connect a wireless system for my laptop, and have purchased a Belkin wireless network access point to be connected to the router, and a Belkin wireless notebook network card for the laptop. The laptop seems to be able to see the WAP, and is showing 72% signal when sitting beside the WAP. However there is no apparent activity between the WAP and the router, and if I scan for the WAP using the web-based software provided by Belkin it fails to find it. Am I trying to do the impossible? Funnily enough when I very first set the whole thing up the only connection I couldn't make was between the laptop and the LAN - I managed to access the laptop from the PC eventually, but in spite of resets, uninstalling and the reinstalling it ain't working.

PC is running Win XP SP2, and laptop Win 98SE.

  Jeffers22 16:39 11 Sep 2004

No you are not trying to do the impossible. However, you nmay have been better to buy a netgear WAP. Go to either the Belkin site or the Netgear site and take a look at the VERY helpful guides and tutorials within the support sections.

  maryjane 17:32 11 Sep 2004

Thank you Jeffers22 but none of the topics covers my problem. There is no the LAN link light (Green light on the left) showing so I cannot proceed to the next step. And yes, I have got the correct Cat5 cable inserted properly.

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