Problems connecting Sony Handycam with Firewire

  WardaleM 13:21 07 Jun 2004

Help please,

I have a new Handycam (DCR-HC30E) but cannot seem to connect to my XP Home PC via Firewire.

I have a firewire and USB card that seems to be working OK (nothing wrong in Device manager, USB working OK).

The camera connects via USB but the Picture Package sw wants to do its own edit of the recording using awful midi music. What I would like to do is to transfer the recording and edit it myself.

My PC doesn't seem to recognise I have a camera connected.

Could this be because I am not using the expensive Sony i-link cable, or could it simply be that the firewire ports aren't working (I don't have anything else that connects with firewire to test this)?

Can anyone offer any advice on this please?


  MichelleC 13:48 07 Jun 2004

Some firewire cards are incompatible with some systems, so if it didn't come with pc this may be an area to troubleshoot. The cable should have a bulge in it (don't know the tech term). This link may help click here.

  WardaleM 14:03 07 Jun 2004


As far as I can see, the firewire/usb card I have is OK (3xUSB 2xFirewire) The USB work fine.

Is there any way that I can check that the firewire ports work without needing another firewire device (which I dont have)?

According to Device Manager my IEEE 1394 Bus Host controllers are working fine.

  MichelleC 15:32 07 Jun 2004

Your dv camcord is regonised by pc when via usb but not firewire? Try booting up with dv cam already turned on and connected via firewire. Are you sure in Menu of dv cam dv out is enabled (or similar).

  Totally-braindead 15:38 07 Jun 2004

Did you get a cd rom with your camcorder, there may be some help there. I've got firewire built in to my PC but like you I've nothing to check it with, I know USB automatically detects anything you plug in but I don't know if firewire does the same.

  Muckle 15:41 07 Jun 2004

I have the same camera and have successfully connected by both firewire and usb2. Ia m at work at the moment so can't check, but I think you have to change the streaming settings on the camera - I will post again later with a less vague explanation.

  Totally-braindead 15:46 07 Jun 2004

Just had a look atclick here# which appears to be your camera only thing is theres no mention of firewire just ilink and usb.

  Totally-braindead 15:47 07 Jun 2004

Looks like Muckle is going to solve it for you so I'll sign off.

  byfordr 16:02 07 Jun 2004

ilink is firewire.


  Muckle 22:13 07 Jun 2004

There is a setting in the 3D menu under Standard Set (Toolbox Icon) for A/V-DV OUT which is set to 'Off', but this seems to have no effect and when I connect the camera using my firewire/iLink cable (the cheapest I could find - £1.99 from Ebuyer) the camera is auto detected and I get the option to open various software packages (using XP Home).
Looking back to your original post I would say that you have a fault - can you plug camera and lead into another machine with firewire - at work or a friend's/family member's machine. If it works the card is at fault, if it doesn't its the lead.

  Muckle 22:21 07 Jun 2004

If you need a new cable click here
As a matter of interest my firewire socket is on my Audigy PCI sound card and it doesn't matter which cable I have connected at boot - or if none are connected, I can chop and change them at will. If you're like me, you won't be happy until everything is working properly - have you tried checking for any driver updates at the card manufacturer's website?

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