problems connecting second pc to internet

  tileman 19:08 02 Jul 2003

i have one pc connected to broadband via copper jet modem running windows ME : i have second pc running on windows ME as well but not on the net.
i tryed to network them few weeks ago & nearly through them out of window had major probs(thats another story) so gave up on that:: so i thought i would buy another external modem knowing i could only use one pc at a time.i brought modem called:: mercury adsl usb modem installed drivers etc gave me new dial up box on desktop put in my username & password also coppied all other stuff in 'connections' in internet options & in 'dial up properties' so it was the same as other pc.
but i am unable to connect to internet
i took old 56k modem out before i started & also disconnected my other pc from phone line thinking there could be conflict. i have already tryed my cooper jet modem & broadband connection in second pc so i know that works can any one help or tell me were to get another copper jet modem from as freeserve wont sell me another

  Quiller. 19:34 02 Jul 2003

When you say "but i am unable to connect to internet". How far does it get.

I do not have broadband but dial up. On this, not only does the username and password have to be correct. The phone number and the computers unique code number has also to be correct to do the handshake. The fact that you are using a different computer, with it's own unique code may be the problem, no handshake.

I have a network with X\P and it was so easy to setup. The slave machine can make this machine ( master) bootup. Wake up on lan. It can make this machine dial out, click I.E. on the slave. We can browse on both machines with no visible degradation to the 56k connection.

Try networking again, it's worth it.

  tileman 19:42 02 Jul 2003

it dials up but does not conect says unable to connect

  Quiller. 19:51 02 Jul 2003

Yes. I think it is getting to the hand shake. Because you are on a set tariff, free phone calls,the computers will have to talk to each other. The fact that the second PC has a totally different I.D. number to the main one will stop it from connecting.

I think. lol

Even though you have taken the cooper jet modem out of the other system and used the same settings.

Sorry. have to say again. network.

  tileman 20:14 02 Jul 2003

i tryed it with ethernet adapters & cross cable it really caused problems couldnt get back on net to ask for help for days

  johnem 20:47 02 Jul 2003

tileman, seem to have read something in a thread about network bridging, when you have two network cards in one machine and one network card is for broadband. I thought 'freeserve' were a bit fussy about networking due to tariffs etc.

  Quiller. 21:22 02 Jul 2003

As Stated above. I am on a 56k (24/7) and X\P. The networking wizard is idiot proof, it has to be for

As johnem states about network bridging, I have this enabled.

Unless some one comes up with a solution, it may be better to start a new thread about networking in M.E. with a broadband connection.

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