problems connecting to internet with new PC

  palinka 12:27 01 Feb 2008

I have a Pipex broadband account which was shared , via a BT Voyager 2100 Wireless ADSL, with my laptop (XP)and my previous desktop (Win ME)
There was a PCI card (BT Voyager 1040) in the desktop and an equivalent card in the laptop.
Everything worked fine for years.
The Win ME machine died & I've bought a new Vista desktop with its own internal wireless PCI card . The laptop still connects OK via the wireless ADSL but I’ve now spent the best part of a week trying to get the new Vista machine to connect properly – with almost total lack of success.
I say “almost total” because there is a connection of sorts – sometimes. But it often takes MINUTES for a web page to open, rather than the seconds needed to open the same page on my laptop (using the same connection).
And I cannot get a connection for email at all (I’m using Windows Mail). Error message appears “the connection to the server has failed. Subject xxx; account :; server; protocol SMTP, port 7362, secure SSL No; socket error 10061; Error number 0x800CCC0E.”
It’s driving me mad !
There is a further complication over the email address that may be the reason for my problem there, but I’ll start a separate thread about that.

  silverous 13:14 01 Feb 2008

OK, re: Email, server is the "loopback" IP address i.e. it refers to YOUR pc. That suggests to me that the server entry configured in Outlook is wrong. Take a look at the settings and ensure they are identical to either another machine you have or the settings pipex provide on their support site.

RE: Internet, could it be that the range of the new internal wireless PCI isn't as good as your old one? I.e. it is struggling to connect where the previous one didn't. How far away from the router is your PC is perhaps the best question for me to ask on that issue - if it is right next to it then it eliminates that problem. If there is some distance, and you can do so, I'd be tempted to move the PC next to the router and establish whether that improves things.

Wirelsss has so many factors it could be any one of a number of issues (e.g. my PS3 wireless has trouble with any security enabled in connecting to my wireless router, countless laptops have none i.e. the PS3 wireless implementation (much newer than the laptops) is the problem there for me I believe.

  palinka 13:34 01 Feb 2008

thanks silverous,
re email - I'll check that shortly.
re distance to the router - it's already right next to it! (exact distance is 45cm) And that's wher the previous desktop was, too.
The laptop is 45cm in opposite direction.

  palinka 17:01 01 Feb 2008

I've checked the email settings against my other PC and corrected them. I can now receive email - very slowly; as slowly as a dial up if not worse. But I still can't send any.As I've spent most of the afternioon battling with this and observing what is happening I've come to conclusion that the internal wireless PCI card is causing most if not all of my problems. I'll post my assessment of this in a moment.

  palinka 17:10 01 Feb 2008

This is the present situation. I’ve had this PC just over a week and still can’t really connect to the Internet. I can now receive emails thanks to silverous's suggestion(they come in VERY slowly) but I can’t send at all. But hey, that’s progress – yesterday I couldn’t get on line at all.
The connection is BB via a wireless router that I have been using for 3or 4 years without problems.
The new machine is approx 45 cm away from the router, as was the previous desktop machine.
I can connect to Internet at extremely slow speeds – for example:-
To download AVG from scratch was scheduled to take 8 HOURS (this is a broadband connection, remember), but fortunately I had a copy already downloaded on the laptop.
It still took around 40 min to download the very large AVG update, because though it began at normal speed, it dropped every 90 secs by 0.1 kB/sec until it was downloading at 2.1kB/sec. And after 9 mins it seemed to drop the connection and had to re-connect.
A further smaller download (25435107 kB ) has taken almost 12 mins.
On my laptop using same BB connection these would have taken less than 2 mins.

When I set up my new PC and discovered these problems I thought it was a Vista glitch, but now I think it’s the wireless card that Dell have installed. That is the only thing that is different from the set-up I was using until recently: the laptop that I’m still using and a Win ME PC shared the BB connection using the same wireless router. The win ME had a BTVoyager 1040 PCI card; the new Dell machine has a different card.
I’m not a techie, but analysis of what I’ve observed over the last week and particularly today, seems to me to suggest the wireless PCI card in the Vista desktop is the cause of my problems.
Do those who know more agree with me?
I feel I'll get a quicker resolution from Dell if the situation is clearer rather than confused.

  silverous 19:24 01 Feb 2008

Ok, glad email suggestion worked. My hunch is that settings are causing your send problems (did you specify correct server for outgoing email, and any authentication settings required).

At such close distance why don't you use wired connection? Not sure if you have tried but why don't you try wired to prove that wireless is the issue?

Do you still have the BT wireless card from ME machine and is it compatible with your Dell? You could take out the dell card and put in the BT/ME one and see if that works fine ?

Could be a driver/config issue on the dell card.

Have you tried Dell support/knowledgebase?

Just a few thoughts, keep feedback coming and we'll crack it.

  palinka 20:15 01 Feb 2008

I've sent email to Dell describing problem.
Yes, I've still got the other card from the ME machine. I'll try using that - but when I looked inside the case of the new PC I could see it was going to be more fiddly to get inside than with previous (ME) case, as it's smaller. I'll give it a go this weekend.
I'm virtually certain I've got the outgoing setings right, but I'll check again.
Wht wireless? well simply that when I first switched to BB some years ago that was the easiest system to understand and I could buy all the kit in one go from BT.! Not my favourite retailer, but they happened to explain everything more clearly than anyone else at the time.
What do I need to get for a wired connection?

  silverous 11:44 02 Feb 2008

If you can go wired without it presenting any problems then I would do so at that distance, it just cuts out any potential for wireless issues.

I'm thinking your wireless router is this model:

click here


If so, it says it has "4 x Ethernet 10/100 Mbps port". They will be 4 connections, possibly marked "LAN" or "10/100" on the back.

If your Dell PC is new, which it sounds like it is, I'd be astounded if it doesn't also have an identical port somewhere on the back.

Here's a photo of the back of a dell dimension (few years old, and location won't be same, but same principle applies):

click here

If you look at the port to the immediate left of the barcode, that's an ethernet port that matches the 4 on your router. It has a symbol with 3 PCs connected together next to it.

You basically buy an ethernet cable (might even be one in the box that came with your router) and connect it between that port on the PC and one of the four on your router and hey presto you should have a wired connection.

Typically it will work immediately, and you can disable wireless to avoid any confusion. (to disable wireless go into vista network and sharing center, choose Manage Network Connections, then click on your wireless connection and choose Disable).

At least, even if you want to get wireless working, doing this will prove that the problem isn't your PC generally and remove time delay in getting email sorted.

  palinka 12:15 02 Feb 2008

Thanks silverous, that's very helpful and clear.
Yes, that's the router I have.
I'll look through the cables I have around the place for the ethernet one and try it out over the weekend. Many thanks.

  palinka 12:49 03 Feb 2008

Brilliant, Silverous! I had an ethernet cable, plugged it in and bingo! A good internet connection. Thank you.
BUT I haven't been able to disable the wireless connection because I’m not sure which it is. I now have 3 items showing in Network & Sharing centre:
1. BTVoyager2100-5A (public network) Access: Local & internet; connection : wireless network connection
2. BTVoyager2100-5A 2(private network) Access: Local & internet ; connection : wireless network connection
3. Unidentified network (Public network) connection: Local Area Connection

No 2 has only appeared since I connected with the cable, but it is a wireless connection.
So is No 3 the wired connection?

AND I still can’t SEND emails, though I’ve checked that settings are identical with those on my laptop where I have no problems. I have aniother thread about this
click here

  silverous 08:38 04 Feb 2008

The first two sound like wireless connections. The third is wired I'd say.

Sounds like you effectively had two wireless connections going on there somehow - I would say you could disable both.

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