Problems connecting Broadband

  janlawther 11:44 18 Sep 2007

Is there anyone who might be able to give me some advice please? I'm not totally computer illiterate and can manage most things with a bit of thought but I have an added complication of being 200 miles from the computer in question, and it belongs to my 76 year old and slightly deaf mother.
I persuaded her to abandon her dial up connection with Onetel and take out a broadband account with Tiscali about 4 weeks ago. She cancelled her Onetel account in anticipation. She received a Speedtouch 320 modem and my cousin installed it. No connection! To cut a long story short we tried two other modems we know will work, checked the BT line direct with BT, tried a router, double checked all the set up information etc, etc. I even had my son (an IT specialist) spend two hours double testing everything. Tiscali sent yet another modem and every time we call them they insist on running through the set up procedure and, of course, it doesn't work! They then say they will call back and never do. My son suggests there is no problem as far as BT themselves (ie from the PC to BT) and the problem could be that Tiscali had not activated the line. They say this isn't the case.
As my mother is about the completely blow her top with this and I've run out of ideas can anyone come up with a suggestion? I would be really grateful!

  TonyM 15:18 18 Sep 2007

Have you tried using a different ADSL filter ? I had a similar problem recently which eventually (by trial and error) I identified as a duff filter (supplied by BT I may add) ... worth a try ?

  janlawther 15:33 18 Sep 2007

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll ask her to double-check with the filter from the new modem pack but there were two filters enclosed with the original and I know she has tried both of them so unless they were both no good I don't think this will be the solution.

  birdface 16:37 18 Sep 2007

Has she tried control Panel.Network Connections.Right Click Local Area connection,And press repair.See if that brings up any faults.Or control Panel.Administrative tools.Services,Scroll down to DNS Client and make sure it is set to automatic.Or Control panel,Internet Options.Connections.Lan Settings.Tick automatically detect settings.Ok. Apply Ok.

  birdface 16:49 18 Sep 2007

Just a thought,maybe she has to remove her Onetel account from her computer first.Have you tried New Connection Wizard.That would be in All Programs,Accessories.Communications.

  harps1h 17:36 19 Sep 2007

tiscali operate on a scripted response and anything outside of that is difficult. that is why they always ask you to run the setup routine. and as goes with custom it is never their fault. some months ago i had a similar no connection with them and it took me three weeks of e-mails phone calls (0870 numbers) and finally threat of reporting them to ofcom before they escalated the problem. as you know Bt wholesale don't talk to the public so you have to force them to get bt out to you. if that fails tell them you will walk away and go to another ISP. personally on my experience i think the latter is the better option and look at here click here they operate a uk only support service and whenever i have made use of it the call is answered in <60 secs. oh and they know what they are talking about

  Pelham123 07:46 23 Sep 2007

With your Speedtouch Modem, do you get all 4 lights come on? When you try and connect, do you get the Speedtouch 'Screen of Death' ie - states no network found? Or does it just hang and come up with 'Internet Explorer/Firefox' could not connect screen?

Tiscali recently 'enhanced' my line, since then regular drop-outs, half-speed 512K, awful repetitive customer service. Maybe get out while you can...

  tullie 10:46 23 Sep 2007

No answer for five days,problem must be solved?

  janlawther 10:59 23 Sep 2007

No, sorry, it isn't resolved yet. When I eventually managed to speak to a technician on their broadband support forum and explained fully what the problem was he came back to me to say the "ticket" had been closed as the customer had confirmed the system was working and she was satisfied. This was a total lie as no one had called and she certainly isn't satisfied! My son assures me there is no problem with the PC, the modem/s we have tried, the router now on the sytem, etc. BT say the line is fine, Tiscali in India say the broadband is "switched on". A check on samknows shows Tiscali do not have their own enquipment in the local exchange and it is coming in via the BT infrastructure. It seems Tiscali need to go in there and do whatever is necessary. Getting them to do it any time soon is the problem. I'm giving them a few more days then I'm going to be after a MAC number, a refund and the cost of all our calls to the 10p a minute "help" line. I don't supppose anyone has any ideas about speeding them up? They seem totally impervious to any attempts to hassle them so far.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:38 23 Sep 2007

have you tried network connections - create new connection - connect to internet - set up my connection manually - connect using broadband etc. - and fill in the details when prompted.

BTW, how many lights are lit up on the modem?


  janlawther 18:40 23 Sep 2007

The modems each (we have tried four) have two lights, one is constant, the other flashes. Yes, we've done the various network connection trails, all to no avail. The message coming up is always a 680 error. There is just one phone line into the house, one phone and one filter and we have tried going striaght into the test socket too.

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