Problems Connecting To Broadband

  Gary McBarry 10:55 18 Apr 2005

I tried to install AOL Broadband on Saturday, after having the one month free trial on dial up. However, once I attempted to access the internet this error message appeared: 'Please plug modem into phone line' (or similar).
I called the AOL helpline, and it transpires that the signal isn't reaching my bedroom upstairs (my master socket is in the front room downstairs).
Unfortunatly, it is not really possible to move my PC downstairs, so is there anything I can do to get broadband upstairs?
If it helps, I have a Intel Pentium 4, 3.0 Ghz bought from Dell only three weeks ago. Any other advice/suggestions will be very much appreciated. Thanks!

  ACOLYTE 10:59 18 Apr 2005

I would check the wiring between the sockets if you have the line enabled for BB then it should go to the socket upstairs as well,how strong is the signal you are getting?

  Gary McBarry 11:08 18 Apr 2005

Acolyte: I've no idea how strong the signal is. How would I check that?

  Noelg23 11:14 18 Apr 2005

there is now real physical way of testing the signal from the socket downstairs to your room only suggestion would be to get an extension socket plugged into the room where your PC is...otherwise tell AOL to send you an RJ-11 cable specifically used for broadband...just ask them and they will tell you exactly what it does...oh just realised to check the signal get AOL to do whats known as a woosh test...this is a broadband signal test they send down your line to determine if the signal is being reached properly or not and then they will go from there...dont accept any crap from them about calling BT cos they will turn round and say that at some point...remember if your phone line is working fine there is no need to call BT (I should know cos I use to work for BT and got alot of these calls) so just ring AOL and ask about the RJ-11 cable and hopefully they should sort it from there...failing that get an extension socket fitted (which will cost u around £110 from BT or £10 from a DIY shop and a local electrician fits it for cheap) hope that helps mate.

  ACOLYTE 11:15 18 Apr 2005

Aol should be able to tell you or even BT if its a BT line,also the Green Icon on your taskbar may help when it is looking for a signal it will be yellow the quicker it turns green the better the signal if it goes red it cant find a signal,in theory anyway,lol.But i think the wiring may be iffy on the socket would be my first thing to check.

  Stuartli 11:16 18 Apr 2005

Have a read of the advice at this excellent website on using other sockets around the house:

click here

  Indigo 1 11:18 18 Apr 2005

Is the upstairs socket 'hard wired' or on a plug-in extension ?

If it is hard wired (wired from the back of the main socket) to he extension then it is possible that it only had the connections for a phone, which would be two or possibly three wires connected, whereas BB requires 4 wires to be connected. click here

  woodchip 11:54 18 Apr 2005

It's nothing to do with the length of cable I am on the End of a 130ft Extension cable with Filter plugged in the end and works OK. As your Line been converted to BB, if it as then it must be you networking setting in control panel that is the problem. And My BB only works on 2 Wires not 4

  pj123 12:02 18 Apr 2005

Also do you have a filter in every telephone socket you have in the house, not just the main incoming socket?

  Indigo 1 13:31 19 Apr 2005

Sorry I should have said that a BB and phone line together use 4 wires.

Do you have a plug-in extension ? these are notoriously poor quality and faulty.

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