problems connecting to Aol through a belkin router

  nebuchan 23:04 24 Dec 2004

Ive been trying to set up a wireless home network for bout half a year, but im having trouble with accessing the internet. I have a wireless belkin router (2nd one, the first was a dud) and have followed the instructions to the book. I have phoned Belkin, and they say they cant help me any more, its aols log on system, and phoned aol, and said i need to phone belkin. The Aol technician can tell that my router is connected to aol, so it works, but i just cant get online. Does anyone know how i can solve this? cheers Tom

  Carl @ UD 23:13 24 Dec 2004

Can be very tricky neb without actually being there to see what has or has not happened previously.

Have you for instance followed this :-

click here

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 22:45 25 Dec 2004

Have you done this?

You should check to see if AOL is using the correct method to connect to AOL via the router.

1. Open AOL to the Sign-On Screen.
2. Click on Setup and then on Expert Setup.
3. Click on the tab called Devices (Modems etc.) and check to see if TCP/IP: LAN or ISP connection is selected as the default connection. If not, click on Auto Detect and re-select it from the list of available connection methods. Click on Close and try to connect.

  ste_bla 23:04 25 Dec 2004

Is it AOL that wont connect or all internet activity?

As AOL can see the connection it means the router is active and connected.

You say problems wirelessly connecting, have you got/tried going on the internet via the wired worts?

  LastChip 00:02 26 Dec 2004

The reason is, they use non-standard protocols to connect to their servers.

However, it seems that you are connecting but cannot actually see the Internet, is that correct? Your post is not over clear on that point.

Can you send and receive e-mail?

Which operating system are you using?

Which browser are you using and what messages do you get?

How many computers are using the wireless router and are they all using the same operating system?

We need to narrow this down to whether it is a straight connection problem or an Internet access problem, which are two totally separate issues.

  nebuchan 00:23 26 Dec 2004

Basicaly i am trying to connect 2 pc's to the broadband line (one is directy wired to the router, the other wireless) (and if im lucky a laptop but thats not important). They both run on xp, and are both dells. I am only worried at this point, about connecting the one wired pc to the broadband connection. Currently on the wired pc (to the router), i have the routers settings screen telling me i am connected to the broadband service. the aol technician also told me that the router is connected. I do not however have access to anything internet related, email, explorer, messenger, and even the aol browser. I have tried playing around with different tcp/ip connections in aol, but to no avail. The belkin instructions say i should be able to start explorer once it says connected, however all i get is this page cannot be displayed.
I think i need to find the way how to access the connection by aol.

  LastChip 01:02 26 Dec 2004

Have you turned OFF XP's internal firewall or any other firewalls you may have installed?

This is probably the single most important part of initially setting up a network. Once the network is running correctly, a firewall can be configured.

Also, make sure your network card is configured to get a Dynamic address from the router. (obtain an address automatically).

Work on one computer at a time, so as not to confuse any issues.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 04:14 26 Dec 2004

For AOL have you done as posted earlier? Even with the wired PC, you need to tell AOL to connect when signing on using the router.
For IE you want it to 'automatically detect settings and 'never dial a connection'.

I have AOL and wireless router, and have recently had to resolve these issues.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 04:20 26 Dec 2004

When you start AOL and the sign in screen first shows, what is in the field 'Location:'?

It needs to have a new location for your router.
See the instructions from AOL >

click here

  nebuchan 11:23 26 Dec 2004

I have done everything involved in changing the broadband access settings, as described in the link above, but to no avail, it just says the connection has been lost 5 times and gives up. I have tried varius different connection types, but all i get is lots of no connection messages. I am on aol 8, but soon to be upgading to 9, but as soon as our aol contract expires we will be changing to a different supplier.


  Carl @ UD 11:34 26 Dec 2004

First thing to do is forget about AOL temporarily.

You need to make sure that the computer can access the wireless router, ie., the router console. If you can do this then you know the connection is o.k. If you cannot do this either you are not setup correctly or you have faulty equipment.

Reset the router, small switch on the back normally. Uninstall the wireless card then reinstall after a restart, make sure the protocols are correctly set in your Network connection.

Right click the Network connection, highlight Internet Protocol TCP/IP click properties make sure Obtain DNS server address automatcilly is checked, same with obtain IP address automatically.

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