problems with Comet online order

  kimisam 01:31 20 Jul 2006

Has anyone experience any problems with Comet online shopping? We are trying to but a laptop for our daughter at university as she does not have an internet access.
At first, we paid with her credit card and then received confirmation e-mail from Comet. Then a day later, we received another e-mail from comet saying they could not process with the order as there was a problem with the card. So my wife re-order the item with her credit card, and the same thing happened. So she try again with her DEBIT card, and the same thing happen! Finally, I order the item with my credit card and the same thing happen!
In the end, we were so fed up of all this, so we telephone them to ask what was the problems. They told us that our cards has been stolen and the banks has put a stop on them! After hearing that, we rung our banks immediately to find out is this true as we still have our cards in our possession! Our banks told us NO such thing happen and Comet DID NOT even been trying to contact them for authorisation at all!
So, we telephone Comet again to inform them what our banks told us and they insisted that our cards are stolen properties and threaten to call the police! We ended up have an argument with them and slammed the phone down.
Has this happen to anyone out there? Or is this just us?

  Taff™ 01:45 20 Jul 2006

You must get the goods delivered to the same address as the Card Holder. You can`t have a delivery to your daughters address. (This could prompt Comet`s response - they may not know why the transaction has been refused only that it has!)

Unfortunately stolen credit cards are used to deliver goods to "bogus" addresses on-line and therefore if the Card holders address is different to the delivery address it will be rejected - it`s a security thing - Am I right?

  Diodorus Siculus 01:57 20 Jul 2006

If Comet don't want your custom (or at least have such bugs in their system), try another retailer.

What was the machine that you were after? There is a good chance that you will get it elsewhere on a price match promise.

Finally, don't be tempted to use your debit card - you lose a lot of protection that way...

  kimisam 01:58 20 Jul 2006

Hi Taff,
thanks for your input, there is no problems with different address as I have informed the credit card company about this one.

  kimisam 02:00 20 Jul 2006

Hi Diodorus Siculus,
My wife have ordered from PC world with the same credit card and no problems!

  wee eddie 07:57 20 Jul 2006

Same delivery address?

  Curio 19:31 20 Jul 2006

Had same problem with Currys a year ago. Quite happy to accept same card in store though.

  kimisam 00:11 21 Jul 2006

Hi wee eddie,
yes, same address

  kimisam 00:28 21 Jul 2006

Hi Curio,
The same laptop cost more in store and also by telephone order!

  umbongo(uk) 00:42 21 Jul 2006

kimisam id use another retailer
hers a couple i regulary use
ill admit i dont use em as often now but theyve always been ok
if only the buggers would pay me for advertising lol

  Curio 13:54 21 Jul 2006

Appreciate that. Just pointing out a card rejected online was acceptable in store :>)

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