problems burning video dvds!

  shadow_v 14:03 22 Aug 2006

hi i built my new computer in febuary a media system, installed an lg 4167b dvd writer and burns cd's and data dvds fine. just tried burning video dvds in several progs and on several dvds but same error message appears.

'ther is no common media type between these pins'

any idea what i can do to fix this.

  €dstowe 14:24 22 Aug 2006

"It's possible that there's a hardware conflict issue on your PC. Please try to remove the digital camera and driver from the Device Manager and try again. Also, check the IRQ to see if it's an IRQ conflict."

From click here

  skidzy 14:28 22 Aug 2006

After having a quick look around it seems to point to the graphics card driver,however im not positive about it.

Maybe it could be a codec issue ? click here

This may be a similar problem;

"There is no common media type between these pins" HCWSnapshot, Video Renderer.

This error will occur if Overlay is not working properly on your system. Your VGA card MUST support Overlay in order for the WinTV-PVR-250/350 to work. Make sure your graphics card supports Overlay. Also make sure that there are no other programs running that require overlay. ie. Windows Media Player. These programs will take over the Overlay surface and prevent the WinTV PVR 250/350 from working.

This error may also come up if the Software Decoders have not been installed. Reinstall the software codecs. You can download them from here.

Also, be sure that the VGA cards hardware acceleration settings are on Full. (control panel/display/settings/advanced).

Text taken from click here

The above may help diagnose your problem.

Good luck.

  €dstowe 14:31 22 Aug 2006

If you think codecs, get a whole load from click here all for free.

  €dstowe 14:35 22 Aug 2006

You didn't mention initally that you are using Win TV. Does that function OK? I can't really see that it would directly interfere with DVD writing.

I have a machine at home with Win TV, several DVD editing/burning programs and two DVD burners installed - all working happily together.

  shadow_v 14:42 22 Aug 2006

no im not currently using win tv as havent instaled a tv card yet

  €dstowe 14:43 22 Aug 2006

Sorry, bit confused with who's posting what. Ignore the first part of my post (above).

  skidzy 17:46 22 Aug 2006

€dstowe.. I copied the text above to see if Shadow had a similar problem,just thinking along the lines that it could be part of his problem recording from tv to dvd...Now we know he dosnt have the tv card installed yet,that posting can be ignored.
I may well be well off track here,but thought i would post..just in case.

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