Problems burning a DVD

  piker1 15:22 07 Feb 2005

I have a Sony DW-U18A, which is supposed to be a +/- burner. When trying to back up data to a disc I find that I get a failure message with Nero saying 'incompatible disc', now this is with a DVD+R, DVD-R and sometimes with a DVD+RW. I have tried many brands of disc in the hope that one may work with my burner. I do sometimes get a burn without any problems at all, but only once in a bluer moon. The drive has no problem burning CD-R's or CD-RW's and will erase DVD+RW discs without fail.

  piker1 15:27 07 Feb 2005

I forgot to mention that the burner is in a Mesh P4 machine. I did e-mail Mesh through their web site last week but await a response.

  john-232317 15:31 07 Feb 2005

Check to see if nero is set to burn DVD discs and not CD ?

  piker1 16:03 07 Feb 2005

I have checked and Nero is set to DVD. As I say I randomly get a successful burn, ie DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW and it is not media dependant

  keith-236785 18:53 07 Feb 2005

could be a faulty drive or a corrupt install of nero. short of uninstalling & re-installing nero OR trying a different dvd burner not much to do.

Best advice i can offer is for you to reboot your pc just before trying to burn a dvd.

check the IDE cable is firmly attached to the drive and the motherboard.

  Roy* 11:26 10 Feb 2005

It's just that I have a similar problem with a Mesh PC and a SONY DW-D22A-B2. I've had lots of discussions with Mesh technical help (after the usual long wait to get through) and following their advice to remove Pinnacle the unit eventually went back. The unit was said to be faulty so they sent a new one but still won't save data to DVD. So they told me to try Nero but still no joy, although only have Nero 5.5 with updates so could be software?

Just wondered if you've discovered anything else to try?

  piker1 22:32 18 Mar 2005

I've just had my drive replaced by Mesh, they've given me a Sony SONY DW-D22A-B2.

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