Problems Burning Audio CD's

  schmollies 14:10 08 May 2009

Having problems regarding the above. Basically, at the end of trying to burn to a cd-r, message appears something like "burn failed due to poor quality/dirty/scratched disc".
Have tried about 4 different well known brands of cd-r's (and cd-rw),reduced burning speed, and have downloaded couple of other cd burning software programmes but no luck. A couple of times at the end of the burn it does say "burn sucessful" but cd will not play!

(CD drive on computer is working fine, tried updating driver but not needed)

Any other ideas that might help as I have dowloaded music sitting on computer taking up space and want to archive to disc.

Mant thanks, HS

  eedcam 15:38 08 May 2009

If the drive throws that up then it is usually the disc not really scratched but not liked agreed you have tried several well known brands .Such as? Verbatim
Updating driver have you tried updating the firmware?
Have you ever burned anything and played successfully with this drive .Finally what drive is it.Sorry for all the questions but the more info the better

  schmollies 15:55 08 May 2009


Thanks for your reply. Have been using Memorex, Verbatim, Sony, PC Word own brand & Tesco own brand.

The drive is a Toshiba DVD/CDR 2312, everything was fine up to about 7/10 days ago. No problems burning & playing any discs. At that time I was using the PC World cd-r's but the burns then started to fail and I went and bought the other brands to try.

Any other ideas? Many thanks HS

  eedcam 19:10 08 May 2009

Well if verbatim fails methinks its the drive .Ther are reports on the web that since a recent M/soft udates guys have had trouble with reading dvd;s with no fix available it could well be similar .Have you done an update if so have youy tried a restore to prior

  robin_x 03:28 10 May 2009

I had a new pack of Tesco CDRs fail verification, disc after disc.
Been 4 years since I backed up to optical disc and I was sure it was OK then.
Tried the usual Write speed reductions and ended up with x1 but still discs failed verify.
On either of my DVD/CD writers.
(one internal one external)

Dredged a brain wave up...Turn off AntiVirus program. It worked.
I guessed that since my AV checks all files on open and close, it was messing up the buffer.

Try it, will only take 5 mins.
Dont forget to turn AV back on after.

  robin_x 03:32 10 May 2009

oh and dont have any other progs running or use PC while writing. If the buffer runs empty the write is screwed.

  eedcam 10:39 10 May 2009

I turn nowt off Robin and have no probs with CD or dvd regularly.Agreed that is good advice if you have probs but sounds like lack of pc punch if you need to do that for just an audio cd,

  schmollies 13:19 10 May 2009

robinofloxley & eedcam,

Thanks for your replies. Turned off antivirus as suggested and closed all other progs, tried another burn and at the end said "burn successful" but again it will not play!!!

Have tried to open the cd-r, message says "disc not formatted" - windows cannot read from this disc, might be corrupted or could be using format that is not compatible with windows. Before I tried the burn, checked & 100% free space on disc, now says 0% free.

Any other suggestions, thanks. HS

  schmollies 13:25 10 May 2009

Should also mention that I did try and do a system restore but cant go back far enough when I know this problem did not exsist.

  Bob S 13:35 10 May 2009

Are you trying to play the CD on a different machine that you usually use? I have several CD players but one will not play audio CDs that I have recorded myself whilst I don't have any problems with the others.

  schmollies 13:45 10 May 2009

Bob S

No, not trying to play on another machine but on the laptop that I am trying to burn from.

(CD's that I have previously successfully burnt play fine on this laptop but do not on my other cd player.)

Maybe I should have mentioned, the audio files are downloaded in FLAC format, converted by Winamp into WAV files and am using CD Burner XP. Everything seems to work ok up to the stage of playing back. Previous successful burns play back fine in either VLC Media Player or Real Player.

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