Problems with bullguard and AOL connections

  KatieBull 13:56 27 May 2009

I am having problems with AOL over the last couple of days.

It is coming up with errors and not connecting.
When I start up the computer bullguard is trying to automatically log me into AOL which I don't want..

Can anyone help?

  Sea Urchin 14:14 27 May 2009

I thought Bullguard was an anti-virus program - how is it trying to log you into AOL? What exactly is happening?

  KatieBull 14:20 27 May 2009

AOL has stopped working, basically won't let us connect, keeps erroring...
I have removed AOL and re-installed it but I am wondering if we have the most up to date version.

Now when I turn the computer on it is trying to automatically connect to AOL but it is stating that it is Bullguard trying to connect.

I thought it was strange that an anti-virus program was trying to do that.

  canarieslover 15:18 27 May 2009

I don't know why you are surprised that Bullguard wants to connect, how do you think it updates without doing that? It is just like any other antivirus software that needs to connect regularly to keep it virus database up to date. I have had problems with Bullguard in the past where I could not connect but I disabled Bullguard and was able to connect. I no longer use Bullguard but suggest that you try disabling it and then try to connect. If you find that you can connect then change your antivirus program.

  provider 2 15:49 27 May 2009

I think you may have a problem if you don`t have Internet Explorer set as the default browser.

In IE go to Tools> Internet Options> Programs and two thirds the way down the page, set IE to be the default web browser.

One of the joys of AOL is that its browser settings can and frequently does block programs from phoning home for updates and other stuff.

(Setting Firefox (if you have it) as the default browser may be a good alternative, though I haven`t tried that yet.)

  realist 19:08 27 May 2009

I have found AOL to be troublesome today and the connection dropped this afternoon for a while, so this may also have caused your problems.....

I would suggest you change the preferences in Bullguard to stop it automatically updating until you have stabilised your AOL connection.

  Sea Urchin 19:11 27 May 2009

Did you manage to sort it? It's helpful to others in the future if you have found that any advice given has worked, and some feedback is always appreciated.

  RobCharles1981 19:56 27 May 2009


Far better ISP's around than Smelly AOL I used to be with them ages ago.

Indian Support Traffic Shaping After 4pm you name it.

For the last couple of years I was with the then Falconnet then I switched to ADSL24 who are Entanet Providers.

You phone them up and you speak to a "Human" (UK Based) No Traffic Shaping or Port Blocking and generous usage allowance and 1 month Rolling Contracts so that your not tied into nothing.

The Transformation was amazing as it works out better, the reason I say that is because I have no LLU Providers in my exchange so one of the Enta Resellers where just right for me.

For About £19.99 you get 30/300 of usage allowance.

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