Problems with broadband connection failing

  TOPCAT® 17:57 23 Apr 2005

TC is in trouble again! This time with my connection closing down on me and problems on 're-dial' I am using Windows ME and the Alcatel Speedtouch USB modem. All phoneline and USB connections are secure and drivers updated.

I'm finding I have to boot twice to get both the modem lights on and usually, but not every time, the modem will connect OK. I surf awhile, clicking around opening different web pages and suddenly the dialogue box " connecting to Pipex ADSL" appears. It tries several times to connect but "No dial-tone" is reported. A double reboot will usually restore connection for a short while.

What I have already tried:

Uninstalled modem and drivers and rebooted - reinstalled drivers, rebooted, connected modem and configured ISP.

Repaired/reinstalled completely Internet Explorer6 SP1 but CANNOT get update KB837009 to install from WinUpdates or from download on desktop - it fails every time.

System checked for 'nasties' but none found.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks, but will later be away from PC until quite late tonight, so apologies for delay in replying. TC.

  Stuartli 18:11 23 Apr 2005

Are you using a telephone extension lead to connect to your modem (plus an RJ11 data cable) from the Master Phone Socket?

If so, using a Master Socket to modem RJ11/45 data/voice cable of a suitable length could solve it.

I bought a 10 metre Lindy cable from click here for £7.59 including VAT, which is the cheapest I've seen for this length. The outlet is based near me so it just meant a personal call, but you can phone in an order or do it online.

On the other hand one of the offspring, also with Pipex, connects with no problems using a 20 metre telephone lead extension....:-)

  TOPCAT® 19:25 23 Apr 2005

The connection is fine from the master socket, which BT extended into my computer room just a short distance from it. The DSL filters are functioning okay, as is the lead to the USB modem itself. I've tested them with other equipment and everything works on that count.

I think I have one or more system files corrupted from the trojan/virus AVG picked up some time ago - I asked for help here on removing it and my security software tells me there are no problems. The most weird thing is not being able to install that IE6 SP1 update I mention above. Unless someone can suggest otherwise, I'll back up my email and WAB files and go back to IE5.5, test things out and only then reinstall IE6 SP1 and update it. Could possibly be the answer.

Going off-line now for a few hours. TC.

PS - just noticed my connection has gone again so better copy and reboot to post it!

  Graham ® 20:42 23 Apr 2005

837009 is a Security Update for Outlook Express, so that may be a red herring.

You don't mention any other USB devices that may be starving the modem of power. Worth looking at?

  stalion 20:48 23 Apr 2005

do you have your modem plugged direct in to the computer or are you connected through a hub?

  Furthark 21:07 23 Apr 2005

I had the same problem, it was the USB I was using sharing with my scanner.
By changing to another USB outlet the problem went away.
Good luck, also check your anti-virus.

  woodchip 21:10 23 Apr 2005

I would think you need to check all plugs and connections

  Stuartli 21:13 23 Apr 2005

Scanners should be linked to their own independent USB port - even powered hub use can bring problems.

  TOPCAT® 01:40 24 Apr 2005

Just got back from baby-sitting!

I've just two USB ports on my old banger - one for modem and t'other for printer. Previously, both could be used at the same time without conflict, but as a check I removed the printer and its drivers entirely but it didn't make any difference. Going to head off for some zzzzzs right now and will look in later in the morning. TC.

  Stuartli 10:45 24 Apr 2005

Like you I only have two USB ports on the system - one I use exclusively for an Agfa 1212u scanner and the other port serves a powered USB1.1 powered hub.

The hub is used to download pix files, run a webcam and also the remote control receiver for a Twinhan VisionPlus DTV ter Freeview PCI TV card - the last port is used for the BB modem's USB cable feed.

  TOPCAT® 17:59 24 Apr 2005

apologise for the delay in getting back here.

I decided today to grasp the nettle and revert back to IE5.5 after taking some necessary safeguards first. On booting up from the reversion I started to get "Iexplore error in MSHTML.DLL" which, on checking, was a known bug in IE5.5 for WinMe. It causes a 'crash' when online using IE5.5 and shuts it down each time.

Thankfully, I already had all the IE6 SP1 components in a folder, so was able to install from that. Before doing so, however, I shutdown everything running in Startup except for essential system items. The installation completed fine and when I eventually went on to WinUpdate I was able, this time, to install ALL my updates for IE6 SP1 - four were actually missing off my system!

So, fingers crossed, all seems to be running fine again after testing and I thank all of you for your kind help. TC.

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