Problems booting up computer

  dp600 05:34 19 Aug 2008

i turn computer on,after couple seconds it turns off and restarts.This happens a few times and it eventually works ok.Win XP
Thank You.

  €dstowe 06:00 19 Aug 2008

If it is a desk top machine, it seems typical of a failing power supply unit.

  dp600 07:03 19 Aug 2008

thank you

  birdface 07:12 19 Aug 2008

Or maybe check your air vents are not clogged up with dust and fluff.If so inside will also need cleaning.

  dp600 07:22 19 Aug 2008

just to update i get 1 beep before it restarts

  dp600 07:37 19 Aug 2008

air vents clear

  kalignorgna 09:03 19 Aug 2008

defo hardware if u have spare memory or a spare psu change em round and see if still same is so then its ur mobo or cpu

  dp600 09:07 19 Aug 2008

thank you,not sure what mobo is

  dp600 10:06 29 Aug 2008

Thanks All
the psu was not powerful enough

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