Problems with BBC Player

  Chas 17:40 03 May 2003

I can no longer hear Radio On Demand on the BBC site, although up to a couple of weeks ago it worked fine. When I invoke the Radio Player it says it's running, but there is no modem activity and, of course, no sound. Live Radio only works if I click the "Having Problems" link in the Radio Player box, which forces RealOne Player to start and then live radio streams OK. It feels like the Radio Player is not invoking RealOne for some reason that I dont understand. I've uninstalled and re-installed RealOne. I'm on XP Home and Broadband. Anyone got any clue as to what might have gone wrong? Things are desperate 'cos I can no longer catch up on missed Archers episodes!

  howard60 17:45 03 May 2003

system retore and gone back to when it all worked ok?

  Chas 17:51 03 May 2003

My oldest restore point is 26 April and the problem goes back further than that.

  howard60 17:58 03 May 2003

I can only suggest that you remove all traces of real player from your pc and then download again. I had to do this after real player issued an update and my system would not work with it.

  crx1600 18:00 03 May 2003

try emptying your temp internet files.also clear history in realplayer tools.

  golfpro 18:07 03 May 2003

Hmmm don't know where you are Chas but I get BBC streams on broadband both on Real and BBC player no problem, some times I switch from one to the other depending which one is better, I reach bbc payer from the bbc web site. I'm in Austria.

  Chas 09:20 05 May 2003

I've cleared out and reinstalled Real Player twice now. I've followed all the good advice above - thanks - but still no luck. RealPlayer works fine as a stand alone programme. If I'm right, I believe the BBC player utilizes Real Player to stream. If anyone knows differently please advise. Truth is I don't know precisely how the Radio On Demand stuff works on the BBC site - and they appear to be to busy to help! If someone could fill me in I might stand a better chance of isolating the problem. Now getting serious withdrawal symptoms from The Archers :-((

  golfpro 09:56 05 May 2003

Surely you can get Radio 4 (Archers) on Real. I can, I must admit the bbc player is a bit temperamental some times when the net is a bit overloaded.

  Chas 20:30 05 May 2003

- well - sort of. The Live Radio player won't work until I give it a nudge (by clicking on the "having Trouble" link). Unfortunately the "catch up" player has no such link so I can't nudge it.

Does anybody out there know how the BBC Player works?

  Grazynus 09:50 19 Jun 2003

I have been searching for a solution to the same problem you have. No help from the BBC.

I have even considered a letter!

  Chas 19:05 20 Jun 2003

Well, sort of. RealOne comes with it's own web browser. Accessing the BBC website via this browser and then invoking the BBC Player works fine. So when I need to I use the Real browser. Still don't understand why it doesnt work with IE6 any more - and it's a nuisance, but the workaround achieves the objective - no more missed Archers!

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