Problems with avg resident shield, help!

  eh? 12:57 02 Jun 2007

After reinstalling win xp, the only software I loaded was security ie AVG, AVG anti-apy, spywareblaster, spybot and ccleaner. I visited windows update and downloaded what it told me. Problem I have is that AVG keeps telling me that the resident shield is not loaded, and also avg antispy keeps losing its update, as well as windows update losing its update (ie it keeps saying I have an update to install and then to restart the pc, but it is always the same update.) Does that make sense to anyone?? I followed Gandalfs advice from another thread ;
"Download and save AVG to your computer. Disconnect from the net, shut computer down and restart in safe mode by tapping the f8 key on boot. Remove AVG using add/remove programmes. Then use Ccleaner click here to get rid of any remaining rubbish and reboot. Run new file from AVG, connect to net and update."
But to no avail.
I have also tried repair option from the cd, and also the scannow function.
I am stuck, please help anyone?

  eh? 13:06 02 Jun 2007

I have also noticed that the clock in the task bar keeps losing the correct time, do you think its my cmos gone? If so how/ where do I find which one I need (battery) and where to get a new one? (maybe I should start another thread for this?)

  p;3 13:51 02 Jun 2007

a lot of this may well be due to the battery failing ;once you have a new one you may find this is sorted; hopefully someone can point you in the right direction for the battery

  sunny staines 13:59 02 Jun 2007

maplins electric stores sell pc batteries do you have on in your local high sreet they are only about £1 or £2.

  birdface 14:04 02 Jun 2007

Hi,If you have got Microsoft up-dates set to automatic,Remove it,Reboot your computer and run manual up-date,See if that helps.

  birdface 14:12 02 Jun 2007

Looks as though it may well be your cmos battery needing replaced.Any computer shop or Maplins ,

  eh? 14:18 02 Jun 2007

Thanks for that, so are they all 'bog standard' batteries, or do I need to find out which one in particular I need?
and is it easy enough to replace? sorry I'm being lazy! I will do some research.

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