Problems with AVG and Avast help please

  bof:) 14:52 02 Oct 2006

Hi all, I've uninstalled the free version of AVG because when I click on the AVG desktop icon, I get a message saying cannot find avg.exe.

I Uninstalled and reinstalled it, still got same message.

So, I've uninstalled AVG & cleaned out registery and installed free version of Avast but have the following questions:

1. There is no avast icon on the tsk bar...should there be one? (In the Avast help it says look to icon on taskbar... I dont have one...there was no option during install to select)

2. The red XP windows security shield is saying need to update Avast. How do I do this?

(I thought it updated whilst scanning...I did a scan after installing which found:

'Win32CTX in c:\windows\system32activescan\Pskavs.dll )

I deleted this.

3. How do you check Avast is running in the background?

4. Does Avast free version scan my emails as I get them?

Also, Does anyone have any thoughts on why my AVG played up. Cos I've been using it for years.

Thanks for your help,


  Diodorus Siculus 14:57 02 Oct 2006

Can you do a system restore to before you removed AVG?

Do an online AV scan, such as from click here

Then remove AVG again; reboot and clean the registry.

Then install avast from click here and choose the regular install option.

After a reboot it should appear in the right hand corner of the screen (system tray)

I update Avast by clicking on the icon in the system tray and choosing update.

It will scan emails as they come along.

  Stuartli 15:04 02 Oct 2006

You have to right click on the Avast! icon to bring up the menu; in any case it updates itself automatically and provides written and spoken confirmation that it has done so.

The Avast! Taskbar icon should revolve as e-mails are being sent or received.

  Stuartli 15:05 02 Oct 2006

Avast! will also install the latest version as well as update itself - you are advised when a new version becomes available via a small panel.

  bof:) 22:18 02 Oct 2006

Hi Both,for some reason I didnt do a system restore and AVG is, at the moment uninstalled.

I did a full pc scan using Ewido that was clear.

The website provided for installing Avast was the website I used to download Avast. There was not an option to install the Avast icon to my task bar.

After rebooting there is not an Avast icon on my taskbar.

A thorough scan has been done with Avast which is now clear but I still have the red windows security shield on my desktop saying Avast needs to be updated.

I cannot do this it seems because the taskbar icon is missing.

Can I update from within the Avast program itself?

Any ideas on whats happened to the task bar icon? (I've deleted and installed Avast twice now and its been missing both times).

Thanks for all the help so far,


  woodchip 22:20 02 Oct 2006

Avast should put two icons in the Stsem Tray not on the quick start bar. You just right click and choose what you wan a do

  Ptolemy 22:30 02 Oct 2006

You could always try a completely different AV - AOL Active Virus Shield is not restricted to AOL users and is slimmed-down free version of the Kaspersky AV 6 that I use.
click here

  bof:) 22:31 02 Oct 2006

Hi woodchip, there is nothing in the quickstart or the system tray.


  bof:) 22:34 02 Oct 2006

Hi Ptolemy, Thanks for that. It was looking for another AV because my AVG appeared to pack up that I'm trying Avast.

As you can see I'm having a few problems installing it. I'd like to find out why if possible.

I've bookmarked the website you have provided.

Thanyou for your help,


  woodchip 22:42 02 Oct 2006

First remove both AV's from Add/Remove in Control Panel do a search after for AV's and delete what it finds, then go to Run Type REGEDIT go to EDIT in the Menu click find type AVG or Grisoft you can do both one after the other also with Avast. You press F3 after each delete to go to next entry. You should also click on the My Computer at the top before doing a search as it will start part way through the reg if you do not start from the top

  woodchip 22:42 02 Oct 2006

PS after clearing you can try reloading one

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