problems with AVG 8.0 free edition with up-date

  denzo01 20:51 12 May 2008

I have been using the AVG 7.0 free edition for windows xp over the last 6 months then had a notice thar it was upgrading to the new AVG 8.0.

I had then unintalled the old edition for the new version, but now i keep having the msg saying ( UP-DATE MANGAGER FAILED each time i start my computer.

I use a DLS modem and i have been to the advanced settings to click ( dial-up to connect online, but still get problem with up-date manager failed.

Can someone help me pls

  Technotiger 21:05 12 May 2008

Hi, right-click on the AVG icon and open AVG User Interface, then click on Update Manager, untick Start Automatic Updates, then update manually.

  denzo01 21:27 12 May 2008

Hi there Tech

I think i have already tried that, when i unticked the update manager i tried to start the update manually but it still wouldnt work.

Did i need to use my old Licence number for the new upgrade, what i done was just uninstall the old one, then just downloaded the new 8.0 version without adding my old Licence num does this matter.


  Technotiger 21:31 12 May 2008

You should have left your old AVG7.5 in place, AVG8 uninstalls it automatically. Try adding your old licence number.

  denzo01 00:22 13 May 2008

ah right i done it the wrong way round and lost the Licence nym when i uninstalled the old version, is there away that i can restore the old Licence num by contacting AVG dircectly.

I have just been in the advance settings and noticed ( when to up-date files,

Do i need to click any of the below options if so which one.

up-date Upon computer restart or

up-date Immediately

  Technotiger 07:06 13 May 2008

Try - Up-date immediately, if that does not work try the other option.

  Technotiger 07:08 13 May 2008

Or you could try a System Restore and choose a restore date prior to you deleting the old AVG.
If that works, you could then start again from scratch.

  setecio 09:10 13 May 2008

Mon, 12/05/[email protected]:31

You should have left your old AVG7.5 in place, AVG8 uninstalls it automatically. Try adding your old licence number.

The advice on the avg free forums is to completely uninstall 7.5 first, which is the way I did it without any problems.
click here

  Technotiger 09:17 13 May 2008

Hi, interesting, I did mine over the top of the old one, I have had no problems at all either.

  setecio 09:24 13 May 2008

Sounds like both methods work fine.
I wonder why they recommend an uninstall first.

  Technotiger 09:39 13 May 2008

Me too - btw, mine retained my Registration number, did yours?

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