Problems with AOL

  R.C.M. 19:22 10 Oct 2006

I have Outlook Express and in my address book I have three friends who are with AOL, recently my emails to these three AOL friends are getting returned with a notice that I have been reported as spam. My three friends said they did not do it.

All other emails that I send/receive to Wanadoo, Tiscally, BT, Supanet etc are getting delivered and my three AOL friends are able to send me emails.

I have tried to contact AOL but I have only been able to get their FAQ section which explains something about a loop which I can't understand.

Has anyone the knowledge to help me resolve this problem.

Many thanks.

  STREETWORK 19:35 10 Oct 2006

Your friends need to check the email filter option on their account with AOL as it may be defaulting to filter your address...

  R.C.M. 19:44 10 Oct 2006

Thanks for the advice STREETWORK - I am not familiar with the workings of AOL but I take it, it is similar to wanadoo tools > message rules?

I have phoned one of the three AOL members, the other two are not in, and he is checking out his setting at the moment. I will let you know how he gets on.

  R.C.M. 19:57 10 Oct 2006

My friend has telephoned back - he has checked his settings and said AOL is set to send and receive all messages!

I will need to wait until the morning before I can get hold of my other two pals.

  feb 07:17 12 Oct 2006

Hi R.C.M.

When your friends receive your emails and they are flagged as spam, they will have the option to click on the button "This is not spam" this should ensure that your emails are no longer regarded as spam, they can also make sure that your email address is in there address book.

  R.C.M. 10:38 12 Oct 2006

Still unable to send emails too my three AOL account holder friends. They all checked their settings and assure me that they did not intentionally or unintentionally report me as spam to AOL. I have no problem with any other friends accounts as long as it's not AOL.

This state of affairs is more annoying than anything else - Since my retirement I just use emails to converse regular with all my friends and ex workmates. Had I been still working I would have found it extremely difficult if the same scenario happened, and I could not contact all the AOL addresses I had then.

I could understand the theory of getting banned from one account - but all AOL accounts???

  Diemmess 13:28 12 Oct 2006

Using Aol, and recently had an increase of spam I checked what is happening to me.

If I (and your friends) click Email and then "Spam folder" they should see a chronological list of all rejected as Spam.

Hopefully they will find your address there. If they highlight this, and tick the button at the bottom labelled "Not Spam" it will clear the blocking.

  R.C.M. 13:38 12 Oct 2006

I will pass on your advice to my three AOL friends - hopefully this will sort out the problem.

Many thanks - all the best.

  FUl2tiV3 18:47 12 Oct 2006

aol default spam settings are quite high
aol keyword: email controls
steps aol members can take when emails are not recieved
(a) block emails containing pictures or files
(b) email with clickable hyperlinks
click save
(c) make sure the senders are added/listed to/in your address book

if you really want to open up more
(d) uncheck: email filtered by aol's spam filter
some people are fine with this setting
others get too much spam
otherwise just check the spam folder every 5 days
and click on 'this is not spam'
it only holds spam/mail 5 days by default

remember each of the steps listed are intended to block spam
unchecking them leaves you a little more open to recieving it
but you can always switch them back on
if none of the above works speak to aol
i had one friend who sent email from their work account
a multinational corp, that seemed to have been blocked by aol
it was subsequently unlisted, and their emails arrive ok
click here

  R.C.M. 19:42 12 Oct 2006

Thanks for that information, today I tried to contact the three AOL friends [a wee test]to see if I could I have just received a reply from one who did receive the test [other two not at home at the moment]

How are some getting through?

Anyway I've copied and pasted your post and will ensure the three friends each receive a copy.

Many thanks for your time and effort - take care.

  FUl2tiV3 20:56 12 Oct 2006

dunno exactly
aol is proprietry software
plus they can determine the rules filtering spam
accounts (such as the one i had trouble with) can be blocked/unblocked for various reasons
if too many of their members send spam sometimes
in my example there didn't seem to be a reason

hotmail accounts seem to have trouble sending to aol
aol scan the titles of emails for key 'spam' words
eg viagra v1agra V14gr4 etc or currently in my spam box re:VhAGRA from [email protected]

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