Problems after overheating

  Siberian Winter 01:03 14 Feb 2004

Hello. I recently had a problem when the fan on my power supply stalled causing overheating. The system rebooted itself while we were trying to figure out what the strange 'hot' smell was, and gave blue-screen errors on both XP and W98, although W98 did boot up once (after we got the fan to run again). The upshot is, I had to do a reformat/re-install, and both OS's are up and running. I'm convinced that all is not well however. Particularly games which once ran without problems are now so slow and jerky that they are unplayable. I can't help but think that something has been damaged by the overheating. I'm replacing my GForce 3 64MB graphics card with a 128MB GForce 4, but is there a way of finding out whether the processor, memory etc. are working OK? Thanks

  hugh-265156 01:13 14 Feb 2004

did you replace the psu?

is windows up to date? click here

try the latest drivers for the graphics card click here

try updating the motherboard chipset drivers from your manufacturers website also.

memory test click here

cpu test use prime95 torture test click here

  Siberian Winter 02:12 14 Feb 2004

Thanks Huggyg71, I'll try those links. No, I didn't replace the power supply (yet) as I lubricated the fan and it seems to run OK now. If I have to replace it, I may just cut my losses and buy a new PC :-)

  hugh-265156 02:31 14 Feb 2004

psu`s are cheap to replace.

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