Problems after installing new hardrive!

  *Gary* 23:16 23 Jan 2004

Operating system: Windows xp pro
Processor: AMD Althlon xp 1900
Ram: 1gb

I have just installed a new hardrive my desktop, so aswell as my Master 80gb hardrive I now also have a slave 120gb hardrive. However after doing this I have has a few problems:

Problem 1)
Most of the time when I try to start the pc the system will start up and I can here it working but the monitor won't come on. Then eventually after I restart the pc a good few times and the monitor does actually come on, the 'bios settings' screen comes up with a message saying something along the lines of 'the system hung because the processor frequency was incorrect, please make sure the settings are correct'. I have no idea why this comes up because I didn't do anything to the processor and even when I manually set the CPU speed without 'jumperfree' enabled, the same thing happens. Any ideas?

Problem 2)
Having fitted the new hardrive I then left the drive to be formatted. When I came back I saw that windows xp pro was being installed on it. As I just want the drive for extra space and not for a 2nd opertaing system I cancelled the installation. The problem now is that although the new drive is now visible in 'My Computer', whenever I start the computer I am given the choice of selecting one of two 'windows xp pro' operating systems and if i am not quick enough to press the down arrow key it tries to start the incomplete version of windows xp pro which just results in an error message being displayed. I have deleted the partion (on the new 120gb drive)and reformatted it again but the choice still comes up at start up. Is there anyway to stop this so that my original windows xp pro operating system starts automatically?

Thanks a lot!

  Dragon Heart 23:26 23 Jan 2004

Is the new drive set to "cable select" as I assume that this PC will detect the new drive via this !

  alan227 23:30 23 Jan 2004

I can`t help with the first problem but I had a similar problem with the same os wanting to give me a choice to boot from,
These were the instructions that I was given.
Try going Start/control panel/system/performance & maintainance/advanced/start up and recovery/settings/ and in System Startup click on Edit .
On doing this I found 2 entries in the boot loader so I deleted the second one and the problem disappeared.
Make sure you delete the right one, hope this helps

  Djohn 00:02 24 Jan 2004

Boot your PC with the C: drive [Main drive with XP on] and then right click on your "My Computer Icon" choose "Manage" then from the new window choose "Disk management".

You will see your new "Slave" drive in there, right click on it and choose "Format" follow the on-screen instructions and the disk will be formatted for you. If this sorts your problem then please post back to this thread for further help with the CPU message. j.

  *Gary* 00:23 24 Jan 2004

Thanks a lot everybody for the advice. I found that I was actually unable to connect to 'Disk Management' for some reason, however I was able to resolve the problem using alan's instructions. Now I am just wondering what the problem is with the CPU....

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