Problems accessing a VPN.

  jake2 22:46 03 Mar 2006

Trying to set up a connection to my work VPN. I have the IP address and the passwords. I even have the step by step instructions that others have used to access this network! But I still get error messages meaning I cannot log on!
Double click on icon
Opens up Connect window
I enter the user name and password hit enter.
Window opens showing connecting
Next I get
"ERROR 800 unable to establish the VPN connection. The VPN server may be unreachable, or security parameters may not be configured properly for this connection"
Then it attempts to redial after a short delay.
Can anyone advise what I should do next?

  Thalmus 23:13 03 Mar 2006

Do you have a firewall on? Try disabling it first then try to reconnect

  jake2 23:18 03 Mar 2006

Tried that no luck I'm afraid.

  Thalmus 23:21 03 Mar 2006

Have you double checked the IP address of your companies network is entered correctly?

  jake2 23:22 03 Mar 2006

One thing I did notice was one of the error messages asked about changing a security setting to "allow unsecured password" I don't have that option in the dropdown box in set up, only require secure password or use smart card.

  Thalmus 23:24 03 Mar 2006

Also, do you have permission to connect to the VPN? Remote connects go through a policy that determine if users are allowed to connect, if they have one set up and your administrator hasn't given you permisson to connect you won't be able to

  jake2 23:24 03 Mar 2006

Checked the IP address three times now, I am using exactly the same set up as my boss and he's been on the network tonight. I cant help thinking it is something to do with the security settings on my pc.

  jake2 23:25 03 Mar 2006

I'm using my boss's username and password. with his permision, he gave them to me!

  Thalmus 23:26 03 Mar 2006

Allowing an unsecured means transmitting your username and password in plain text and is not recommended even if you could do it

  jake2 23:28 03 Mar 2006

Oh ok. What else could it be?

  Thalmus 23:29 03 Mar 2006

How are you connecting to the internet? Is it through a BT router? Just wondering because these are known to cause problems with VPN's and need a firmware upgrade

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